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Literature: “a sweet season”, a “strange and fascinating” polyphonic tale


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Thursday March 25, Anne-Marie Revol is present on the 23 Hours set to present her literary column. On the program “a sweet season” by Milena Agus, published in editions Liana Levi.
Milena Agus publishes “a sweet season” published by Liana Levi. “We find Sardinia, not at all that of postcard, but rather its reverse. We are in a hamlet, the houses are damaged, the roads unpaved, the train no longer stops (…), all of a sudden, most of the black migrants will unload, accompanied by their aid workers who are completely overwhelmed.“, explains the journalist Anne-Marie Revol on the 23 Hours set. Milena Agus explores the meeting of two observing worlds. “While everything should explode, little by little things will fit together (...). Chacun will give his humanity to the other, it is extremely beautiful“, explains Marie-Anne Revol on the 23 Hours set.”A polyphonic tale, foreign and fascinating, moving and overwhelming, funny and almost caustic“, concludes the journalist.

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Olivier Adam signs “Everything can be forgotten” with Flammarion editions. In this book, the author brings together his passions for cinema, Brittany and Japan. Nathan, heyros, meets a ceramicist in Japan whom he takes to Brittany, together they have a child. One day, this woman disappears with their son. “She did not leave an address, she did not warn and he does not know what to do to get closer to this son“, explains the journalist. A recurring topical subject where foreign fathers fight to find their child.”We can clearly see the paradox of Japan, which is both very refined and barbaric.“, how Anne-Marie Revol.

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