Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Liberal Party Council: Fate election for the party and Sabuni

This Sunday, the Liberals hold their annual party council and the decisions made can affect the next parliamentary elections. For party leader Nyamko Sabuni, it looks like it is a matter of winning or losing. In a recent Novus poll, Sabuni is also the party leader that the Swedish people have the least confidence in.

– For Sabuni, it is extremely much in the pot. It’s about her own political survival. It’s a little win or lose for her. If she wins the battle, she has the opportunity to return as party leader, but L also has that as a party. If she loses, there is a risk that she will be forced to leave as party leader, says Mats Knutson in Helgstudion.

SD support or not

One of the big questions is whether the Liberals should invest in forming a bourgeois government, even if it requires the support of the Sweden Democrats, which is Sabuni’s line on the issue, or go into opposition and continue to support the Social Democrats.

According to Mats Knutson, there are many indications that the party will give Nyamko Sabuni its support. Despite this, several members have threatened to leave the party if she wins.

– If you look back, when it is this big kind of policy decision, the party leadership usually whips out enough support, he says.

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