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Lewis Saez: The last meters of the Dubai World Cup is the most exciting race of my career – sport – local

Panamanian knight Louis Saise, who was crowned with the horse (Godolphin) “Mystic Guide” with the silver jubilee title in the Dubai World Cup, confirmed the day before yesterday, on the Meydan track, that “the last meters of the race were the most difficult and exciting in his professional career extending since 2009, And includes 15 thousand and 233 races ».

Saez said to “Emirates Today”: “Winning in Dubai came as a dream that turned into reality, especially since the last meters made me fully realize the true meaning of the Empire of the Blue Stable (Godolphin), whose victories and achievements do not miss the great horse races around the world.” .

He explained: “My career has already been full of great achievements, whether with the elite American horses, or with the slogan (Godolphin). However, the true meaning of the meaning of winning the Dubai World Cup was not clear in my minds until I approached the last meters, when the meaning of this myth began to become clear to me. The race, which is sought by the elite of horse owners on the international stage, especially as it is held on the land of the Emirates, whose horses have 13 titles, eight of them with the blue stable logo, which gave me the opportunity to realize a dream that has always haunted me a lot. ”

He added: “I had doubts when approaching the starting gate, especially since the first race of the (Mystic Guide) in the Maidan track, as it was coming from the American races, but the horse soon revealed the material of the heroes that it possesses, by rushing strongly in the final stages, and arresting Leading the way, cutting the finish line in front of a group of elite sand track horses in the world ».

He went on to say: “Upon climbing to the podium and seeing the cup, all the conversations that my knights friends in America told me, especially those who had previously raced here, started to come to my mind about the greatness of the feeling of the knight having achieved the Dubai World Cup title, one of the most difficult and exciting races On the international scene ».

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And he continued: “Winning the Cup with the Mystic Guide and giving me the opportunity to turn the dream into reality, carries me more responsibility in making double efforts to compete in the races wearing the blue shirt, especially when returning to the American races.”

Saise talked about the “Godolphin” system, and said: “Coming early to Dubai to prepare for the race was enough to get acquainted with the unique system of (Godolphin) as one of the greatest institutions concerned with the horse industry, thanks to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which made Godolphin’s successes and accomplishments a sun that never sets in the biggest races in the world.

Knight Lewis Size Card

Age: 29 years old.

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Professionalism: 2009.

Races run in his career: 15,233 races.

Achieved victories: 2,638.

Second place: 2,320 times.

Third place: 2079 times.

Total trophies won by horse owners

Led: 133 million 764 thousand and 94 dollars.

International media: “Mystic Guide” is victorious over the world

The international media celebrated the achievement of the horse “Mystic Guide” by awarding “Godolphin” its third consecutive title, and the ninth in history in the Dubai World Cup, describing it as “a victory over the world”, in reference to the strength of the “Godolphin” horse’s victory over 13 of the elite dirt racing horses in the world, especially those from America and Japan.

Sky News titled its article “Mystic Guide Triumphs over the World”, in a report that drew light to the winning power of the “Godolphin” horse, especially as it came with a difference of 3.75 lengths over its closest competitor, the Japanese horse “Chu Wizard”, who was previously crowned champion of ” Champion Cup Japan for Group 1 horses. The Washington Post, in turn, devoted an article to talk about continuing the shine of the “Godolphin” slogan and achieving a new victory in the evening of the Cup. ”

The Panamanian “Public Report” newspaper singled out a lengthy report titled: “Size and Mystic Guide”, the champions of the Dubai World Cup, in which he dealt with the statements of the knight in which he emphasized the greatness of victory in Dubai, and how the “Mystic Guide” gifted him to transform his dream of becoming one The stars who win the Dubai Cup.

The report of the Panamanian newspaper “Public Report” also expanded the march of “Mystic Guide” in the world of racing, after it was satisfied at the age of three with one victory, before revealing its metal and raw material upon reaching the age of four, adding three new victories, which culminated in the Dubai World Cup title.

The UAE raises its tally to 89 victories in the evening of the Cup

The 25th evening of the Dubai World Cup, which was unveiled, the day before yesterday, and the total prizes for its nine runs amounted to 26.5 million dollars, witnessed remarkable brilliance for the UAE horses, with four victories, most notably the title of the ninth session and the president, who was crowned the star of “Godolphin” the horse “Mystic Guide”, stressing the historical dominance of the country’s horses over the evening’s titles since the launch of its first edition in 1996, after the UAE raised its score to 89 victory, compared to the horses of the United States of America, which came in second place with 29 victories, and the South African horses that ranked third with 16 A race.

The first Emirati victories came in a race, the day before yesterday, with the horse “Derian” with the logo of Yas Racing, by winning the opening stage “Dubai as a Classic” for the purebred Arabian horse “Group 1” for a distance of 2000 meters of sand, before the fifth set bore the victory of “Ripples.” Romance, owned by Godolphin, with the title of “Emirates Derby”, which was dedicated to purebred “Group 2” horses for a distance of 1900 meters sand, and followed the brilliance of “Lord North” owned by His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and winning the seventh game title «Dubai Turf, which is dedicated to purebred “Group 1” horses for a distance of 1,800 meters grass, and the curtain falls by gifting “Mystic Guide” “Godolphin” Hattrick in succession, and the historic ninth victory in the title of the ninth game and the President of the Dubai World Cup dedicated to purebred horses “Group 1” for a distance of 2000 sandy meters .

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