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Home Sport Lewis Hamilton recalled his sauna in Finland - Formula 1
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Lewis Hamilton recalled his sauna in Finland – Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton told Valtteri Bottas about his sauna experience.

F1 star Lewis Hamilton said he had visited the sauna in Finland. The British master recalled the steam To Valtteri Bottas By making the Mercedes stable With a YouTube video.

The topic was reached when Hamilton asked Bottas what is the craziest thing a Finn has done. Bottas wondered that in the eyes of a foreigner, the craziest could be the Peri-Finnish avant-garde swimming.

Hamilton admitted that saunaing and plotting an avant-garde or project look strange from British culture. Then he began to tell the story of a time when there was a late formula doctor Aki Hintsan with Finland and Hintsa asked him to go to the sauna. Turku Sanomat told the story in 2017.

Hamilton had been to the sauna before, but wore swimming trunks.

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The first surprise was experienced when the sauna owned by Hintsa’s father in Central Finland was his own building with a living area. Hamilton and his old coach Adam Costanzo was directed to the sauna room. Another surprise followed.

– Aki undressed in front of us. It was weird for us. I remember no one at school undressed in front of others because it was so weird, Hamilton said.

Hintsa moved to the sauna side. Hamilton and Costanzo were like beaten to the head with a tree.

– Do we have to go naked? Abnormal. I remember sitting in the sauna with Aki and covering our ovaries. Aki just said, “This is a very good sauna,” Hamilton recalled and imitated Hintsa sitting like a host on an upper deck with his arms wide open.

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After the steam, the journey continued into the project. Hintsa wandered in the snow of Härmä.

– We had to do the same. The majority of people think that kind of is crazy. The feeling was still great, Hamilton said.

He told Turku Sanomat four years ago that he had built a sauna in Colorado, USA, and maintained the tradition of touring in the snow there, especially when he had guests who had to be hardened by a rite.

Hintsa, who died in 2016, worked as a doctor at McLaren’s stable from 2008 to 13. Hamilton drove in the stable from 2007-12.

Bottas in turn, revealed to the video to Hamilton that he has been angry several times as a child. The nudity of a Finnish driver has spoken to the formula world in recent weeks. His butt flashes during a sauna scene The battle for the pole position documentary series in the new season.

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