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Levante – Athletic (1-2): Athletic is the Ace of Cups | King’s Cup 2020

Thursday, March 4, 2021 – 23:46

The Basque team beat Levante in overtime and play for two titles in April against Real Sociedad and Bara.

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Berenguer celebrates the goal against Levante with his teammates.

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    Bara does not stain the ball and play the Cup final

The perfect catharsis. Impossible to imagine the reaction of a team that has found its food in the Cup to become invincible. As in the past, Athletic bites in this competition that will put two titles within eight days. Four times in their history, the Biscans have played two consecutive finals, the last one in seasons 84 and 85. Ral Garca was one year away.

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The arrival of Marcelino to the bench has been the hand of a saint for a group that has found itself catapulted by the creativity of Muniain, the instinct of Ral Garca, the sweet moment of Iaki Williams and even the luck of Berenguer. In the Ciutat de Valncia, they eagerly sought a victory that the rival did not make it easy for them. The Levant resisted with their weapons, but it was not enough. The glory dressed yesterday in rojiblanco.

Athletic wanted to impose stripes from the start and Ral Garca adjusted a ball to Aitor Fernandez’s post as a warning. Paco Lpez’s team did not break down, waiting for his moment to strike. He makes virtue out of the opponent’s error. Commander Morales got rid of De Marcos with a chao to leave Roger before Unai Simon. The Gunman stirred and dialed. One chance, a goal.

The rojiblancos did not take long to answer, nor did they make the game more their own with each passing minute. The Levante had hit, but didn’t tie it up. That didn’t change in the 120 minutes. With more intention of taking the ball played into the area, Williams martyred the three centrals with whom Paco López wanted to wrap himself up. The assimilation of Marcelino’s automatisms has been meteoric. While falling on the wing to exploit his speed, the captain drew diagonals and Ral Garca attacked the centers with the faith of a warrior. In one of those battles Duarte ran over him in the area. Del Cerro pardoned the expulsion to the granota, but the stretch of Aitor did not serve to stop the launch. The scoreboard returned a score too common between the two teams.

The draw disoriented a Levante who began to doubt. It was difficult for him to get out of the pressure and, although he was trying to find Morales and De Frutos, the losses caused a lot of danger. The best granota occasion was a Miramn cross that cleared the Yeray post, but the path of the dressing room was marked by a timid blow from Muniain at the hands of Aitor.

Athletic’s plan did not change and he gave the goalkeeper more work with a hard shot from Unai López. Levante moved a tab looking for more control with Bardhi and gave the feeling that he was achieving it. It was a passing effect. The chances were still rojiblancas and with the same protagonists: Ral Garca turned around in the small area to invent a high heel that enabled Williams for a too crossed shot. Another mistake that will be followed by a false start by Aitor.

Levante was already gripped by the certainty that Athletic’s second goal condemned them and Marcelino’s team, who kept the changes, had just enough strength to hold on to the extension. But his harassment does not stop. With less freshness, he continued to harass as the best way to put many meters between the granotas and Unai Simn, who only looked to get a direct free from Bardhi by hand. The door of the final was opened by Berenguer with a shot from outside the area that touched Vukcevic.

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