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Let’s knit ugly! Tight pants can be surprisingly elegant – 3 ways to dress them in style – Style

Did homing leggings also be the cornerstone of your dress? This is how you make your outfit more elegant, whether your legs are long or short.

The leotards are one of the favorite pairs of pants in the spring – and now they can also be trumpet-legged.

The narrowness of the leotards is a trump card on which the best outfits are built.

Think of tights as the tight, neat and wrinkled sisters of jeans. You’ll find that they fit with a smart jacket and anorak, for example, like a nose to the head.

Tights can also be trumpet legged.­

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Trumpet Legs fit with all kinds of shoes, € 99, ​​Samsøe & Samsøe.­

The polyester blend of Samsøe & Samsøe tights is okö-tex certified, € 119.­

Arket’s leotards do not have a middle seam that weighs on the abdomen, € 39.­

3 ways to style

A model of a jackpot

Think of an ice cream cone and dress the top body at the end of the stick as a swaying delicacy with a loose and descending cardigan. To reinforce the effect, wear a shoulder-widening, edge-sleeved t-shirt under the slipover.

The seawool material of Coster Copenhagen’s dark cardigan is not electrified, 69 €. The light Slipover made of wool and cashmere is a warming extra layer, 280 €, Filippa K. The t-shirt that fits the leotard style has elbow-sleeved sleeves, 7.95 €, Zara.­

Frames in good condition

Choose a thigh-length jacket or a leg-extending jacket with an upright shoulder area.

The sheet blazer is made of wool, € 150. Quilted jackets have become new favorites, € 219, Samsøe & Samsøe. Under the loose polyamide anorak, even the thickest sweater can fit, € 39.99, Lindex.­

Butt for quilt

There is no need to introduce the butt – unless you want to. The hoodie and long blouse suitably cover what the Piukka boots reveal.

When you keep the colors simple, this combination of loose and scanty classics looks sleek and elegant.

Clogs are suitable for all leotard styles, € 139, & Other Stories. Leather hair donut fits loose ponner, € 19.95, InWear. Cotton poplin shirt covers the butt, 69 €, Arket. The nylon fabric bag is easy to wash, € 24.99, Lindex. The fair-sized hoodie is the best in leotard style, 59 €, Arket.­

Also remember cycling shorts

Ysär’s favorite pants cycling shorts have made a strong comeback.

The sporty leotard turns into luxury with feminine accessories.

Ysär’s favorite pants cycling shorts have made a strong comeback. Try it if you dare: combine the caps of the breech with a cap and a small bag.­

Snö of Sweden earrings are made of gold-plated steel, € 29.95. Cheer up your black and white outfit by tying a silk scarf to a bag strap, € 85, Marja Kurki. Filippa K’s cycling tights are made of compression knit, 80 €. White country clothes are a spring trend, € 199, VamSko.­

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