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Less individual adaptation can have a negative effect on those who work

For those who come to work and sit down at a new workplace every day, the possibility of having equipment adapted to their own conditions – for example a special chair or stronger lighting – is limited.

– An adapted workplace is important to prevent occupational injuries and so that we do not feel worse from work, says Carin Håkansta, file. dr. in work science and researcher at Karlstad University.

How well an activity-based workplace works depends on how it is designed, research shows. Large office space is usually required.

– If there is not enough space, there is often a lack of space in one of the zones. Then some employees may need to work in zones that are not really adapted to their work.

It is unclear who is responsible for the work environment in an office collective

As the legislation is designed, it is the employer who is responsible for the working environment being good for the employees.

If a company rents into an office collective, the question of liability can become unclear in the event of an accident, for example, says Carin Håkansta.

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Hear Carin Håkansta tell more in the clip above.

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