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Leo Komarov called Judge Mikael Nord after the 2015 World Cup riots – World Cup puck

The Swedish judge was caught in the middle of a storm due to a mistake by Leo Komarov of the Lions. The case finally got a great decision.

Hockey the men’s world championships 2015 saw a referee farce that heated up both the Lions ’players and supporters.

In the first round match between Finland and Russia, a Swedish referee Mikael Nord condemned the Lions Leo Komarov showered on a tackle with a Russian defender Yevgeny Medvedev injured his hand slightly.

The punishment was drawn for a long time and eventually the cause was stated as a knee motion. However, it was a clean rigging, so Komarov’s shower command was incorrect.

A big media storm broke out in the case and on social media the judges got a wild splash. The decision of the Swedish judges was overshadowed in Sweden as well.

Tobias Björk (second left) and Mikael Nord (second right), who whistled for the Finland-Russia match, considered Leo Komarov’s sentence. Lion Captain Jussi Jokinen is also listening to the discussion that ended in a wrong verdict.­

– In retrospect, it can be said that it did not go into the pipe. Of course it shames me. We made the wrong decision, Mikael Nord told the Swedish newspaper after the incident Bärgslagsbladetille.

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He admitted at the time that neither of the chief judges had seen the situation, but the line judges told what they thought was happening.

Nord and his fellow judges Tobias Björk was sent home after the match from the Games.

From here It has soon been six years since a large-scale uproar at the World Cup in the Czech Republic, but the mistake is still haunting the mind of Judge Nord.

Nord raised the case in Sweden’s C More puck program Wikegård vs. Ex-hockey player and current hockey expert in the program Niklas Wikegård interviews Swedish hockey characters.

In a recent episode, Mikael Nord was interviewed by Wikegård as one of Sweden’s best hockey referees.

However, in a video clip shared by C Moren on Twitter, Nord says his judging career was very close to ending as early as 2015. He was considering quitting precisely because of the Czech World Cup and the Komarov case.

– The worst moment of my career has definitely been the 2015 World Cup, Nord says.

North and Wikegård go through a knee brace, which was not a knee brace at all, and how Nord was sent home from the tournament and how the titles were torn from the case.

– I thought I’d quit, Nord tells Wikegård.

However, one phone call and the friendly gesture that followed reversed the decision.

– My phone is ringing. Against, it’s an alien number. At the other end is Leo Komarov, Nord says.

According to Nord, Komarov called because he thought the storm and headlines that followed the incident had gone too far. Komarov wanted to put an end to it.

– That was great. But the story didn’t end there, it’s even better. I’m going to get something … Nord says.

Nord returns with the autographed Toronto jersey sent by Komarov. It had arrived in the mail about a week later.

Komarov, 34, played for the Toronto Maple Leafs until 2018.

Nord proudly introduces the jersey to the video and says that after Komarov’s great gesture, he had started to get to you with a mistake at the World Cup. His career continued.

– We made a mistake, learned from it and moved on, Nord says.

North, 44, has been chosen five times as the best referee in Sweden. He has been whistling in IIHF tournaments since the 2008-2009 season.

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