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lens production victim of unfair competition?


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France 3

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S. Feydel, M. Anglade, J.-M. Noël, A. d’Abrigeon, C. Gindre

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France 3

France Televisions

In France each year, 65,000 tonnes of lenses are consumed, but sometimes it is difficult to find the source of the products we buy. One in five lentils comes in particular from Canada, the world’s largest producer. Farmers use pesticides and herbicides, including glyphosate, just before harvest. A practice banned in France. Robert Chouvier, producer of lenses du Puy in Haute-Loire does not understand this difference. “We should all have the same rules, we can say that it is unfair competition“, he regrets.

Defenders of the environment and farmers denounce these practices. According to them, the rules should be the same for everyone. “We are not against trade, but if you want to sell in Europe, you must respect European production rules.“, explains Samuel Leré, of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation.

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