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Lehtokurppa caused tasks for Espoo firefighters – “Veterinarian warned that it is a difficult case” – Finland

Firefighters had to retrieve the same woodpecker twice.

The puffed grove kept the firefighters busy in Espoo, at the Niittykumpu fire station.

The relationship between the woodcock and the firefighters began when the woodcock was brought to recover at the Niittykumpu fire station on Thursday.

Lehtokurppa had collided with a house wall in Tapiola, Espoo. The shocked bird was allowed to calm down at the Niittykumpu fire station.

Firefighter Petri Maunula reports that the veterinarian gave detailed treatment instructions. The bird had to get a day to rest.

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– According to the veterinarian’s instructions, a quiet, dark place was arranged for the bird from the fire station. It got to sleep in a cardboard box and in the dark.

Outwardly, the bird did not seem to have any trouble.

The intention was to release it after recovery.

– The bird had to recover, but it did not recover. It didn’t really take its feet under it. When an attempt was made to free him, it gave us another mission, Maunula times events.

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Friday morning’s recovery program included a flight exercise. Firefighters took the woodcock to the yard of the fire station so that the bird could fatten to freedom.

– The woodcock just didn’t go into traffic. Then it went for a walk from it, but did not take off.

Firefighters thought that if the woodpecker would take off later. They navigated to another mission.

There came a new announcement to the firefighters. Citizens reported that they have met the injured animal.

– It was almost thought that he was a guy we knew. We searched for it again.

Next to the release site is the Niittysilla ball field. The woodcock had walked there.

– He was arrested again. He had a consignment ready in Viikki waiting.

Maunula ordered a transport to Viikki for the grove.

Lehtokurppa is an impressive revelation, it has a long beak. It also has its own characteristics due to its nature.

Maunula says the vet had described the woodcock as a “difficult case”.

– According to the veterinarian, it is a difficult case in nature, it is not worth trying to treat it like a domestic animal. It deceives its behavior, it presents the theater of the whole world.

Maunula thinks that the woodcock may have shown its true character at the Espoo fire station.

– Was this then that theater of it.

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