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legal proceedings against John Numbi “on course”

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                After the announcement by the Congolese justice, Thursday, of the opening of an investigation against General John Numbi, the former boss of the police suspected of being the sponsor of this double assassination of Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana of the NGO The voice of the voiceless in 2010, the legal proceedings are continuing their normal course.  This is what the magistrates of the Kinshasa military prosecutor's office indicate.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Kinshasa</em>, <strong>Commander Muzembe Commander</strong>

General John Numbi was invited to appear on March 17, but he did not arrive. Auditor General Likulia’s services believe he did not receive the invitation. According to sources within the military justice system, a second invitation was sent to the close friend of former President Joseph Kabila.

Also according to these sources, the magistrates hope that the officer will respond to the invitation. Failing that, they explain, a search notice will then be launched to locate him, before – if necessary – the issuance of a warrant.

General John Numbi was not seen in the country for several days. Even the staff at his private property, the Beijing farm on the outskirts of Lubumbashi, have heard nothing from him.

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The former police chief remains the main suspect in the double assassination in Kinshasa in early June 2010 of two human rights defenders, Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana. The recent confessions of two police officers now in exile have revived the case. To which was added a denunciation of Jacques Mugabo, arrested in mid-February, who admitted having been exfiltrated with other accomplices to Lubumbashi by the general’s care.

John Numbi’s lawyer, Master Kyungu Mwema, for his part asserts that his client has never been officially summoned by a judicial body.

An investigation has been opened, it may still be in the circuits of the general auditor. If people claim that there is any act inviting him to appear, let them wave it.

Master Kyungu Mwema, lawyer for General John Numbi

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