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Lebanese Stefano made a radical decision for Maajuss in the bride series – then the situation got an incredible turn – TV & movies

Stefano, a native of Beirut, did not end up in the minds of any Finnish woman. However, the feeling was mutual, as Stefano did not want to take any of his bridal candidates to his homeland.

Maajuss for the bride in the world series saw an unprecedented turnaround on Thursday night when all four bridal candidates handed Pakit to a Lebanese Stefanolle. Stefano, 38, who works in the wine and olive business, is looking for an elegant and feminine woman in the series to sit in her outgoing and celebratory lifestyle.

During the date, it began to dawn on Stefano that no Finnish woman would necessarily be what she had hoped for. Stefano, for example, wondered why he was 38 years old Henna sat at home doing renovations, even though this was a single.

– Why doesn’t he go out with the girls, party, drink and date? Is the behavior of Finns due to the weather? Stefano was amazed after talking to Henna.

Also Heidin the way to travel amazed the cosmopolitan Lebanese. Heidi said that she had visited Turkey about 15 times and Sicily three times. Stefano was amazed that Heidi always wanted to visit the same places.

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– I felt sad. I wanted to say we are in the same boat. But that is not the case, Stefano stated.

By the end of Thursday’s Majussi episode, Stefano should have chosen which three women he wants to take to Lebanon to explore his life. He had arrived in Finland hopefully and believed that he was ready to fall in love, but not everything had gone according to plan.

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The women suspected that Stefano had participated in the program for the wrong reasons.­

Stefano admitted the presenter May Day to the Darkthat romantic feelings did not eventually evoke in any of the bridal candidates.

– I didn’t feel that any of them were meant to be my life partner.

Because chemistry and spark were lacking with all the women, Stefano came up with an exceptional solution. He decided it was not worth inviting any of the four women to travel to their homeland.

– I don’t want to waste their time, everyone’s time and not my own time, he explained.

However, the situation took an even more surprising turn when Stefano’s bridal candidate Salla asked to speak just before Stefanon was to tell his decision to the women. Salla revealed that the women had talked about Stefano together and made an unprecedented decision after that: none of them wanted to continue the journey with Stefano.

According to Salla, it had quickly become clear that all the women had similar feelings for Stefano. They didn’t think this would be ready for a relationship or genuinely wanted to get to know them.

– We feel like you’re not here for the same reason we are. We wish you a good continuation and a safe journey home, Salla stated.

– I am one hundred percent agree with him. The man we see in the video is not the same person as the one here. You came to gain experiences and more followers on Instagram. Happy vacation. We came here to meet you as a person, Maria continued.

Stefano spent time in Levi getting to know his bridal candidates and enjoying the Finnish winter.­

The women’s decision came as a complete surprise to Stefano. Her expression flashed as Salla told her and Vappu Pimiia about the women’s joint decision.

– Okay, he replied in confusion.

However, Stefano did not seem to have taken on the women’s surprise decision. He hugged them goodbye and said the experience was good. He later admitted to the camera that the situation was a great relief to him.

– I was relieved. I aim for the same, but a relationship with more passion, Stefano stated.

For groundbreakers in the world of the bride on Thursdays at 8pm on MTV3.

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