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Laura Borrs starts the legislature with a legal challenge and Vox and Cs will take her to the Constitutional Court

Full of investiture of Pere Aragons

Friday, March 26, 2021 – 11:00

The president of the Paralment allows the delegated vote of the ex-director Llus Puig and the formation chaired by Santiago Abascal to appeal to the High Court

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The ERC candidate, Pere Aragons.

The start of the full investiture of Pere Aragons has been delayed by the decision of the President of Parliament, Laura borrs, to accept the proxy vote of the former director escaped Blueberry Puig.

PSC, Ciudadanos, Vox and PP have submitted reconsideration petitions to try to amend Borrs’ decision, which have forced the Board to meet to address them, with the consequent delay in the start of the session. The pro-independence majority of the governing body of the Parliament has knocked down the requests of the constitutionalist parties. Borrs, the two representatives of ERC and one of the CUP have voted against his admission, the neoconvergent Jaume-Alonso Cuevillas he has abstained to avoid “possible incompatibilities” as Puig’s lawyer and only two members of the PSC have voted in favor.

Vox and Ciudadanos have announced that they will take Borrs’s decision to the Constitutional Court considering that by allowing the fugitive Puig to delegate the vote, he is breaching the article of the Constitution that establishes that the vote of the deputies is “non-delegable”, as well as the of the Parliament that sets maternity and paternity leave, serious illnesses or “proven long-term disability” as the cases in which the vote can be delegated.

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