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Laura Borrs proposes Pere Aragons a candidate for the Generalitat despite not yet having the support to be invested

New Catalan legislature

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 – 2:52 PM

The ERC president will submit to the investiture session on Friday without having yet obtained the support of JxCat. The CUP will announce on Thursday if their bases validate the preliminary agreement with the Republicans

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Aragons, acopaado de Borrs.

The President of Parliament, Laura borrs, has formally proposed to Pere Aragons as a candidate to preside over the Generalitat after verifying that he is “the one with the most options to be invested” after carrying out the mandatory round of consultations with the parliamentary groups.

Borrs has called the first session of the full investiture session for Friday despite the fact that Aragons still does not have the support to be anointed. JxCat clarified on Tuesday that the agreement with ERC may still take “days or weeks” to arrive and the CUP bases are voting today on the preliminary agreement reached between the leadership of its party and that of the Republicans. The anti-system will announce the results of the internal consultation on Thursday.

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Thus, to date Aragons only has the guaranteed support of the 33 deputies of ERC. To be inaugurated on Friday, he will need the favorable vote of JxCat and three of the CUP parliamentarians. If he is not chosen, he will undergo a second inauguration session, which Borrs plans to hold next Tuesday.

In the event that he does not then obtain the necessary support to be appointed president of the Generalitat, a period of two months will be opened to achieve the investiture. After this without a new president, elections will be called again automatically.

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