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Lapland’s Green Sexual Crime Conviction Shocked Northern Party People: “This is a shocking crime that fights against all party values” – Oulu Region

In the autumn of 2019, the woman who was sentenced to imprisonment in the district court was elected to the Lapland Greens’ position of trust in the autumn of 2020.

In the Lapland Greens the woman, who has worked for several years, has been sentenced in the Rovaniemi Court of Appeal to aggravated sexual exploitation and assault of a child of play for 3 years and 10 months.

The Court of Appeal issued its judgment in March 2021. It did not change the judgment issued by the Lapland District Court in 2019. Sexual offenses had occurred during 2015 and 2016.

The woman continued to work in politics even after the district court ruling. In November 2020, he was elected to the Lapland Greens’ position of trust for 2021.

He has previously served on the board of a municipal organization in Lapland in 2017 and as a candidate for municipal elections in the same year. However, the candidacy was withdrawn before the election.

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In the Lapland Greens the sexual offense was received in shock. Vice chairman Tiina Huilaja says that when the information about the prison sentence handed down by the Court of Appeal came to the party ‘s Lapland office, the woman was immediately asked to resign herself, as the dismissal would have required the convening of a general assembly.

– We are very upset. It is a shocking crime that fights against all the values ​​of the party, Huilaja emphasizes.

The woman’s information was removed from the Greens ’website immediately when IS inquired. At the same time, the party moved to implement crisis communication.

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According to Huilaja, the party’s practices include finding out the backgrounds of election candidates, but for the positions of trust of associations, individuals are elected in general assemblies that are open to all. The meeting convenes the Board, for example, on the basis of proposals.

– Decisions are taken at the same meeting, making it impossible to check the backgrounds in advance. Having learned from this, we will clarify practices to avoid similar situations, he says.

The candidate agreement relies on the information provided by the candidate himself.

– In the contract, they state: ‘I confirm that I have spoken honestly of backgrounds, including whether it is before me if I am convicted of a crime or accused of or is currently the subject of a police investigation in a criminal case. ” There is no other way for us to find out the backgrounds of the candidates, Huilaja regrets.

Ilta-Sanomat does not publish the name of the convicted person in order to protect the minor victim.

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