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Lady Gaga’s dog sitter released from hospital after month | NOW

Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s dog walker, has been allowed to leave the hospital after more than a month. In late February, he was ambushed and shot by two gunmen while walking the singer’s three dogs in Hollywood. Since then he has been in hospital in a stable condition.

Fischer was injured in his chest and lungs and required surgery. Due to complications, his hospitalization took longer than expected.

Now that he’s released from the hospital, he begins to come to terms with what he previously called a near-death experience. “Dealing with trauma is much more than dealing with an unhappy moment in life,” he said on Instagram earlier.

During the shooting in February, the gunmen managed to take two of Lady Gaga’s four-legged friends with them. Her third dog, Asia, was able to escape. Fischer later said that she was his guardian angel.

As the car sped away and blood gushed from my gunshot wound, an angel came and lay down next to me. My panic eased and I calmed down as I looked at her, even as I realized that the blood around her was me, ”he said then.

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The dogs were later found unharmed, but the suspects have still not been caught.

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