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Kouvola-based Salla, 29, went to buy a bed found at an online flea market and got the love of her life on top of the store – this is how a tremendous love story progressed – People & Relationships

Love can surprise when you least expect it. Toni, who sold her bed at, is now engaged to Salla Lahtinen and is the father of two children.

Love these days is hard to find outside of dating apps, many singles are in pain.

A resident of Kouvola Salla Lahtinen, 29, however, got to experience first-hand how love can surprise anywhere – and when least expected. Salla says Me For Women having gone to buy a bed through the Tori online flea market, and as a merchant he found the love of his life.

Today, Salla and Toni-the loved one has been dating for almost three years now. The couple also have two children in common.

But how did one end up in a situation where the seller and the buyer met each other, quite literally?

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– Toni had put his bed up for sale at the time, and I had been sleeping on the sofa for a year. My back was sore, and I thought I needed a new bed, Salla says.

A suitable bed was found at the online flea market, the seller of which was located nearby and even offered free home delivery.

First dates on the front seat of the car

Salla put a message to a foreign salesman, Ton. They agreed that the man would pick up Salla the very next day from his home and they would go get the bed together from Toni.

Love can really be found when you least expect it.­

Salla says she is very shy by nature. Sitting in the front seat of the car, the thing began to slip amazingly well in the company of a stranger.

– At first I was quiet at first. However, he began to ask a little bit about how I was doing and what my life was like.

And that’s when Salla started telling more. Toni also started to open up – as if the duo had known each other for a long time.

– It was easy to talk right away, which is really not normal for me.

The couple carried the bed to Salla’s apartment. Salla also noted that when shopping, Toni seemed somewhat nervous.

– He constantly made sure that the bed was suitable and that it was valid.

An unexpected message popped into the phone

After the deals, the duo said goodbye normally, but still that evening Toni approached Salla with a surprising message.

– He said that it would be nice to talk to someone properly for a long time and it would be nice to do something sometimes together, even as a friend.

Contact continued, as Toni lent Salla a fabric washer in connection with the bed shops.

– Maybe it was some kind of excuse on his part to still see.

Salla was still dating her previous partner when the duo first met.­

However, it was not about lightning. Salla was still dating her ex-partner at the time, and spending time with another man didn’t seem natural.

– Sometimes Toni asked if you were going to eat or do something. I was in a relationship, so I responded to his posts really badly.

The friendship deepened into love

A few months after the bed sales, Salla’s former relationship came to an end. Lived in the spring of 2018. Around the same time, he noticed how Facebook offered an acquaintance bed merchant to him as a friend.

– I added him as a friend and we started chatting again. However, I thought at the time that I just wanted to focus on myself and the children after the divorce. Not yet seen at the time, but mainly varied rumors.

The relationship with Toni was friends for a long time, but in the summer the contacts started to intensify and the meetings secretly increased. The first kiss was exchanged at the movie theater, and the decision to socialize was made that fall.

– I realized that this is a really nice guy and it’s nice to spend more time with him.

Communication between Salla and Toni increased when Salla divorced her former relationship.­

Today, Toni, who became known as Tori’s bed merchant, is engaged to Salla. The couple also has two small children with whom Salla spends everyday life as a housewife.

The exceptional love story has also been a matter of amazement among the couple’s close and friends.

– The loved ones have been quite excited that Wau, nowadays you can meet somehow other than in Tinder.

Have you met your partner in any special way? Tell us about it in the comments!

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