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know-how maintained for generations in Collioure



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Collioure (Pyrénées-Orientales) is known for its port, its vineyards, but above all its anchovies. This fish is famous all over the world.
On the vermeille coast, Collioure (Eastern Pyrenees) has been home to precious know-how for centuries. In one of the last salting workshops, the anchovies are prepared according to ancestral methods. Here, all the steps are done by hand, because the anchovy is a delicate product. Once lifted, the fillets will rest overnight on blotting paper, before being put in jars.

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Before being closed, the cans are weighed to adjust the quantities. The last step is to fill the verrines with sunflower oil, and especially not olive oil, too strong, which would mask the taste of the fish. These production methods are a legacy of past generations, whose gestures are reproduced almost identically. The only change, and not the least: the origin of the fish. The anchovy of Collioure is no longer fished in the Mediterranean because of shortage, but in much more distant waters, as in Argentina. In the workshop, dThe anchovies marinate in a salted mixture. Six months are necessary for the fish to develop all of its aromas.

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