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Kim Sainio knows what’s really going on behind the scenes of reality TV shows – this is how production influences competitors’ behavior behind cameras – TV & movies

Experienced reality TV makers tell how popular programs direct reality events to achieve the best possible TV entertainment. Kim Sainio, who has been directing Big Brother for years, will be the first to make a voice.

Kim Sainio worked earlier Big Brotherin as principal director for eight years. He has also been involved, among other things You are what you eat– Yes The biggest loser series and several other reality TV productions. He has seen what is happening behind the scenes of reality TV productions and knows what it means to write a reality TV script.

The final texts of all reality TV shows mention the screenwriter, but the idea of ​​writing Reality is foreign to many. Doesn’t the script ruin spontaneous reality TV? Are situations that look real anyway fake and played?

In Sainio’s experience, scriptwriting plays a paramount role in reality TV shows, and without it, they would become nothing.

– Everything that is not scripted at all is something completely different from reality TV, he says.

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According to Sainio, the script for reality TV shows is not about shifts recorded on paper, but the goal is to create different scenarios and plans. They provide participants with a framework within which they can operate.

The task of the screenwriters is to create entertainment and challenges for the participants that bring to the surface the emotions and various reactions that give rise to good TV entertainment. The script and plans are constantly updated according to what the participants do.

– Often, the content production team of TV hopes that things will move in a certain direction and the script will create a landscape that could lead to those desired things. The script plays a very important role in this, Sainio explains.

Kim Sainio in the filming of Big Brother in 2007. She served as the series’s lead director for eight years.­

The script can therefore be used to try to guide participants a little, but it does not address how people end up acting.

– What people do and how they react is entirely up to them. Nothing was written directly to people, at least in my time. It was not written what to answer in the Big Brother diary room or how to react there, Sainio says.

Instead, questions asked to the participant in a shooting situation can lead to a situation such as irritation or calm. According to Sainio, questions are often created based on the direction in which the human story is to be taken in the program. Full silence can also affect a participant’s behavior.

– Questions can affect, for example, how a person starts to take effect. There may be peaceful conversations with him or something completely different.

Sainio raises, for example Niko Saarinen birthdays at Big Brother in 2008. At that time, Saarinen was enraged in the diary room about the behavior of another participant and let go of his feelings crying and shouting. According to Sainio, the background to the reaction was that he did not say a word to Saarinen, and the silence made his feelings erupt.

The same reaction can also be obtained by repeating one question.

– If I make myself a fool and a jerk one question, it can start to irritate, and a person’s emotional states can be regulated with it. That reaction isn’t acted upon, it’s in him and it’s just wanted to come out, he says.

Big Brother final in 2008. Pictured are Minna and Niko.­

According to Sainio, reality TV has never been acted upon, as in roles that last for days, the roles are forcibly stripped and the genuine nature of the people emerges.

– At some point, that role will surely break.

– We sometimes had an actor in Big Brother as a secret resident, but he couldn’t stand there because it was completely impossible to maintain the role in those circumstances.

Because people’s reactions, speeches, and actions aren’t scripted, what kind of people are involved plays a huge role in reality TV. According to Sainio, successful Casting is the core of everything you do.

When the chemistry between the participants works in the desired way, situations so incomprehensible arise that they could not even have been scripted in the eternal world.

– There must be different types of people and some kind of cohesion (attraction) must be created between them, at least on paper. One type of person supports another and another annoys. It is extremely important for the end result.

– The joy of doing comes precisely when something completely surprising happens between people that no one could even think of.

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