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Kiekko-Espoo won the first final of the women’s league – shower assignments spoke: “Let’s see who will be banned from playing tomorrow” – Hockey

The first final of the Women’s League saw two shower missions.

Puck-Espoo started the hockey women’s league final series victory when it hit KalPan 2–0 in its home pitch. Espoo built its success with an effective offensive ship, and in the end it covered KalPa’s sprinting attempt with intense defensive play.

The goalkeeper got the biggest congratulations for a reason Tiia Pajarinen.

– Quite a fight. We are happy with the first attachment, Kiekko-Espoo’s head coach Sami Haapanen described.

In the regular season, the duo split their winnings in 2-2 matches, and the first minutes of the final match were even. Among the strikers of Savola cream are among the best in the entire league Elisa Holopainen, Matilda Nilsson and Tanja Niskanen transported the puck electrifyingly, but the best finishing spots Kiekko-Espoo defended away.

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The end-to-end hurlumhe pace turned to the home team when its star defender Nelli Laitinen shot Espoo with a 1-0 lead. The goalkeeper surprised the wristband, which felt like a blue line Tiina Ranteen.

– I was able to pull well, and (Emilia) Sprout I guess to make a moving mask, Laitinen backed.

Espoo’s grip condensed from the lead. Ranne had to contract 20 fights in the first batch, while in the opposite end Pajarinen started zero hold with eight fights.

Espoo continued to roll over to the top of the second batch. The marking error after the start weighed a lot when in Espoo Sofia Nuutinen served the goal behind the puck by Tinja-Mariia Haukijärvi in from the front corner: 2-0.

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The second hit of the fight was the watershed, because after that Espoo collapsed into a series of coolers. However, KalPa was unable to take advantage of its search time. The away team was able to play five against three on a couple of occasions, but Pajarinen, who was involved in a counter-mill, stretched to great rescue – once also with his helmet.

– You can’t win if you don’t do anything. The opponent was a bit better, KalPan Holopainen admitted.

Espoo also spoke in the fight Tea Villilän from the back Taklocking to Nilsson and Vesa’s crofting KalPa skipper Emma Knight. Both were followed by a shower assignment.

– Let’s see who will be banned from playing tomorrow, Espoo coach Haapanen updated.

In Emilia Vesa, Kiekko-Espoo, he got out of the knee paddle.­

KalPa did not break the copper because the team capable of defending the league more closely pulled a longer streak. In seven playoff games, Espoo has now scored a total of only five goals in actual time.

KalPan Haapanen emphasized that goal support measures must be sharpened.

– Masks and loose hockey situations, Haapanen listed.

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