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Kati Roivas was losing part of her toes – Cross country skiing

Kati Roivas was losing some of her toes after a marathon race in Switzerland.

Liper Ski Club Kati Roivas participated in the 10 km (p) competition at the Finnish Championships in Ristijärvi on Friday. The participation was already a big win in that the La Diagonela marathon, which was skied in mid-January, could have been really fatal for Roivas.

The race was held in Switzerland illegally in as much as 25 to 28 degrees below zero, and a large proportion of participants uploaded really dull pictures of their frostbite injuries to social media after 65 kilometers (p) of the Ski Classics series. One of them was Finnish Ari Luusua.

– During the competition, I had protected large muscle groups with clothing so well that I did not feel that cold very badly. But at the finish, I realized that the peripheral areas, i.e. the toes and fingertips, had suffered badly, Roivas said on Friday.

– Yes, we realized during the trip that we are now skiing in really really cold weather.

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Roivas had to In Switzerland outside the EU, to a hospital where several grade 2 and 3 frostbite injuries were diagnosed in the toes.

– Several toes were at risk of acute amputation. Now, fortunately, the healing process has progressed so that, according to my doctor, the toes are no longer at least very likely to be threatened by amputation, a North Karelian who specializes in marathon trips said.

Actual however, the shock awaited only at home. Roivas has sports insurance and applied to the company for compensation for several thousand euros in medical expenses that had to be paid to Switzerland.

– The insurance company considered that it had no liability because it was not an accident but a slowly evolving situation.

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Roivas’ voice was collapsing as he went through the matter.

– The decline was really big for me and the mood was bad, when there has been all kinds of adversity anyway.

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