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Karim Benzema already has a date for the trial for alleged blackmail of Valbuena: “May the farce end forever”


The Madrid forward has not been called up for the French national team since October 2015.

Valbuena and Benzema, with France.
After six years of judicial twists and turns, the dates of the process to Karim Benzema in the case of the “sextape” of Mathieu Valbuena are finally known: the French footballer from Real Madrid, accused of “complicity in attempted blackmail“to his former teammate, he will be judged from October 20-22 by the court of Versailles.

The 33-year-old forward, who has not been called up by the French team since October 2015, but who continues to excel at Real Madrid, risks receiving a penalty of up to five years in prison and 75,000 euros (88,300 euros) fine in this case, where four other people are also accused of attempted blackmail.

“Here is finally vamonos, May the masquerade be extinguished forever“(That’s it, finally, let’s go, let the farce end forever), Benzema reacted in Instagram upon hearing the news.

Karim Benzema is accused of having incited 36-year-old Mathieu Valbuena and currently under contract with the Greek club Olympiakos, to pay blackmailers who threatened to release an intimate video of the player.

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The accusation focuses in particular on an October 2015 conversation between the two footballers in Clairefontaine, the training center of the French soccer team, in which Karim Benzema would have explained that he could “introduce someone you trust” to Mathieu Valbuena, according to the latter’s hearing, to help him “control” the possible publication of that video compromising.

“Watch out Math, they are big, big criminals“, the Real Madrid player would have warned. A way” to help “his teammate, Karim Benzema would later explain, while Mathieu Valbuena would confess to having had the” impression of being taken for an idiot. “Now, justice will determine whether this conversation it is confined to a friend’s advice or criminal pressure.

The former French international Djibril Cisse, who was also questioned in this case at a certain point, was acquitted in January.

When Karim Benzema was sent to the Versailles correctional court in January, his lawyer Sylvain Cormier had reported a “cruelty“and” a decision as absurd as it is foreseeable. ”

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For Mathieu Valbuena’s lawyer, Paul-Albert IweinsIt is about “the logical continuation of instructions, which has perfectly established the participation of different people”.

File on mobile

The case begins when Mathieu Valbuena changes his mobile phone and trust a certain Axel Angot, also among the accused, to transfer the files from one device to another. Among the documents, there is a sexual video of the midfielder.

In June 2015, Valbuena filed a complaint after an anonymous call that proposed a “fix” to prevent the video from being broadcast.

Axel Angot and another man, Mustapha Zouaoui, are suspected of wanting to make Mathieu Valbuena pay. In this case, the two men, who gravitate to Marseille football, contact Karim Zenati, a close friend of Karim Benzema.

After his conversation with Mathieu Valbuena in Clairefontaine, Karim Benzema calls his friend Karim Zenati and explains: “He doesn’t take us seriously “. A “us” that, according to the indictment, shows that Karim Benzema “is included” in the blackmail of his partner in the Bleus.

On the phone, the two men appear to mock Mathieu Valbuena, with Karim Benzema stating that they will “throw tomatoes at him” if the video is released.

We are here to fix itIf he wants, he fights with piranhas, “explains Karim Zenati.” They will piss on him, “replies Karim Benzema who, in another conversation with his friend, will describe his partner as” scared. ” .

Throughout the process, the defense tried to have the investigation annulled. The lawyers relied mainly on the actions of a policeman who posed as an intermediary for Mathieu Valbuena and had, according to them, pushed the protagonists of the case to commit an offense.

After several conflicting decisions, the Court of Cassation decided in December 2019 that the policeman’s methods were legitimate.

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