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Kari Varis sensitized to his Finnish Championship silver – Cross-country skiing

Iivo Niskanen won three gold medals at the Finnish Championships in skiing.

Iivo Niskanen was, as expected, a fifty-strong champion on the final leg of the Finnish Championships. Niskanen won a gold medal in Ristijärvi for every trip, when he was the fastest in the traditional 15 kilometers on Friday and postponed the championship pace of Puijo Ski Club on Saturday.

On Sunday, he defeated the Second Runner Ilmajoki Racers Kari Variksen in almost six minutes in a 50 mile free race.

– One of the hardest things I’ve ever had. The trail was hard too because there were no straight points and I had to skate all the time. This was the tip of the suction cups, the master alluding to warm and watery weather.

The crow was a surprise to the race, even though the 37-year-old skier has been seen all the way up to the race tracks.

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– It’s been a long time since the previous Finnish Championship medal in the normal distance, Varis sensitized.

He achieved 15 kilometers of free bronze in Jämijärvi in ​​2013, so it was already eight years.

– Today, endurance sports were a pleasure, and the job remained. After yesterday’s tapping, there was a great feeling to ski, instead of the eighth post, and Varis was disappointed with his skiing.

– The medal of this trip (50 km) has been around me for so long. Now everything worked out. Perttu (Good) borrowed skis. Watermelon has been impossible for my stock.

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Hyvärinen was sixth in the competition and received thanks from the silver medalist in the finish.

Various invested in top skiing for more than a decade and toured for a long time on the national team boundaries. He currently works for his forest service company and lives in Joensuu.

– I enjoy training. In the last few years I have rentouttanut my training, but last until spring, I was practically a professional, Liperin Ski Club juniors coaching Varis chatted.

Jämin Jänteen Ristomatti Hakola was third and dropped into the Pohti Ski Team Joel Ikosen barely fourth. Ikonen arrived at the finish line before Hakola and was excited to give his medal, but Hakola’s final blow was fierce.

On the closing day of the Finnish Championships, the court also saw a courtesy when Posion Pyrinten Eino Vuollet married his girlfriend Janiika Ojalaa.

– I wouldn’t have made it to the finish otherwise. It was already night along the way, Vuollet said.

Did the idea mature during the 50-mile contract?

– I had planned in advance and the ring was also included in the eggs, the skier, who finished 66th in the competition, smiled.

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