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Kajsa Vickhoff Lie had a terrible accident in Super G – Alpine Skiing

Kajsa Vickhoff Lie was injured in an alpine accident in Val di Fassa.

Norwegian alpine skier Kajsa Vickhoff Lie drove out looking evil at the Super G Alpine Skiing World Cup in Val di Fassa, Italy on Sunday.

Vickhoff Lie’s race ended in an orange track fence after he lost his balance in the middle of the fall.

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Vickhoff Lie fell at a rapid pace and drifted towards the safety fence.­

Paramedics were promptly present after the accident.­

The 22-year-old skier hit the fence at high speed after he fell. Vickhoff Lien could hear screaming in pain in the ground after his crash.

– That foot doesn’t look good. Makes it sore when you just look. Could the producer move to another camera, an expert from NRK Audun Grönvold said on a Norwegian TV broadcast According to VG.

The paramedics quickly reached the skier. He was transferred from the slope by helicopter to hospital. The competition was interrupted for half an hour. VG:n according to Vickhoff Lie suffered a rush of fractures and was scheduled for surgery on Sunday night.

Vickhoff Lie won the 2018 World Junior Downhill and Super Grand Slam Championships.

He was not the only skier in the race. Also Austrian Rosina Schneeberger crashed badly and crashed into a security fence. Eurosportin he also suffered serious leg injuries in the fall.

Kajsa Vickhoff Lie was picked up by helicopter and rushed to hospital.­

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