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Jyrki Lehtola’s column: Korona’s third wave: smashed in his own yard – Kotimaa

The new bill bans “day and evening residents”, and the coron winner can seize the full thread of life by continuing apathetic drinking in front of either his home or cottage television, writes Ilta-Sanomat columnist Jyrki Lehtola.

Even more there are those who cannot cope with the side effects of the corona: the endless discussion of the corona; the endless wick of the well-being; five million Finnish Korona experts and decisions that are not decisions, but children presenting decisions.

The officials could no longer stand it and decided to do something.

Together with the government, they wanted to liven up the lives of citizens with a bill so everyone could rejoice that sometimes between Easter and Midsummer one would decide what “personal necessity” means, for one it could be a 1975 vinyl record rarity and for another a shelf for living comfort. wine bottles.

The latest the biggest winners of the draft corona bill are those who drafted the law: Middle-class employee families where both parents like alcohol more than each other.

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The nature of the parents of the family must be so introverted that they do not like parties or “evening parties” because they meet other people and sometimes have to reach over their own grief. Fortunately, the new bill bans “day and evening partygoers,” and the coroner winner can grab the full thread of life by continuing his apathetic drinking in front of either his home or cottage television.

What is a “private yard district”?

The losers are entrepreneurs with reduced mobility, lonely, lonely people with reduced mobility, those who have chosen the wrong career, and the 5.1 million Finns who think they are most limited by the new bill because they were supposed to spend the spring hugging feather-light half-acquaintances.

The biggest winner of the draft law is old Finland, a perception of the world where people move slowly in their own yard with a shovel and it is good for a person to be when they see others only at the grocery store and funerals.

Measure challenges both citizens and the police to reflect on the meaning of words in a way that makes both run after the discussion to Alko.

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What is a “private yard district”? Is it an apartment building with a courtyard and sidewalk? Does the owner of a large apartment own a larger share of the yard than one who lives in a rented studio; how quickly can you find a heavy alcoholic in your yard and establish a relationship with him or her?

Isn’t it possible that a situation arises where, in order to obey the law, someone has to leave the baby alone at home when going on a “recreational walk,” when the baby can’t even walk?

What are “overriding reasons” when they are likely to be a bit subjective? Should the general criteria of heaviness sometimes be relevant within a couple of years, when otherwise the whole day is spent with the police on semantic wisdom, and even alcohol should be allowed to be bought.

The author is a writer and screenwriter.

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