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JxCat abstain and prevent the investiture of Aragons in the first round

Negotiation of independence

Thursday, March 25, 2021 – 19:58

The Republican fell defeated after collecting only 42 of the 68 votes necessary to be elected, those of his own party and those of the CUP

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The ERC candidate, Pere Aragons.

  • Negotiation.

    Puigdemont demands to be “national authority” of Catalonia to give his support to Pere Aragons

The management of JxCat has decided to abstain in the first session of the investiture debate of Pere Aragons, which will be held this Friday in the Parliament. In this way, the formation chaired by Carles Puigdemont prevent the election of the ERC candidate, who will only get 42 of the 68 necessary supports; those of his own party and those of the CUP.

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The pressure exerted by the Republicans and the anti-establishment has been of no use, who on Sunday reached an agreement to invest Aragons this Friday and called on JxCat to join. The pact has been endorsed today by the bases of the CUP, which has again unsuccessfully urged the neoconvergents to facilitate the election of the president of ERC for “responsibility”.

The pact between ERC and JxCat remains stuck in the role that Puigdemont will play in the next legislature. The escapee demands directing the independence process from the Consell per la República, that sort of parallel Government that he leads from Waterloo, but those of Oriol Junqueras are reluctant to give him the baton of the secessionist cause and settle for managing more mundane matters from the Palau de the Generalitat.

New opportunity in a few days

JxCat will abstain at the first investiture session, but has not yet clarified what he will do in the second, which will take place either on Sunday or next Tuesday. Only the support of neoconvergents would allow Aragons to be elected in that second attempt. If he failed again, he would start a two-month countdown until the electoral replay. A new election will be automatically called if at the end of that period a new election has not been invested. president.

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