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Justin Bieber introduced his new tattoo on Instagram – soon the star’s mother dropped an exhaustive comment – Entertainment

Justin Bieber is known as a tattoo lover. The singer’s mother isn’t quite as excited about the pictures adorning her son’s skin.

Pop star Justin Bieber, 27, is known as a friend of spectacular tattoos. The singer’s body is adorned with numerous tattoos, and last week she acquired another new image on her skin.

Bieber posted two pictures on her Instagram account showing a little picture of a peach. A small tattoo admiring the star’s neck probably refers to the star Peachesto his song (Finnish peaches) and made it for him Doctor Woo tattoo artist named.

Most of those who commented on Bieber’s image seem to be very excited about his new tattoo. However, one comment stands out from the crowd. That’s Bieber’s mother Pattie Malette, 45, is horrified by his son’s decision to get another tattoo again.

– Don’t you have enough already? Pattie commented with the suffering emojis.

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BuzzfeedAccording to the site, Bieber already has more than 60 tattoos, but the singer, like her mother, doesn’t seem to have gotten enough of them yet.

Bieber’s mother’s exhaustive comment immediately received tremendous attention on Instagram. It has been liked thousands of times and has garnered hundreds of responses.

– Mother’s day. We have to endure all that, one woman commented.

– Listen to your mother, the other urges.

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– You know Justin, your mother will always be the most honest woman in your life, listen to her, the third continues.

Page Sixin according to Bieber’s skin is adorned with, among other things, a pair of crosses, angel wings, a face of Jesus, praying hands, a lion, a bear, various texts, an eagle and a crown.

Many of the singer’s tattoos refer to his faith and family.

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