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Just like several party members, scouts only want to continue after debate | NOW

The reconnaissance talks in the formation will only continue after a debate on Wednesday with the now former scouts Kajsa Ollongren and Annemarie Jorritsma. That is what the new scout Wouter Koolmees says on Friday.

What preceded this news:

  • The then scout Ollongren (D66) was photographed on Thursday with her reconnaissance notes legible in the image.
  • This included “Omtzigt: function elsewhere”. That note is dubious: it gives the impression that people involved in the formation want to get rid of the critical MP.
  • Ollongren and her colleague Jorritsma (VVD) resigned their duties. Two new scouts were appointed: Koolmees (D66) and Van Ark (VVD).

Several party leaders indicated that they first wanted clarification about Ollongren’s leaked memorandum, which mentions, among other things, “a position elsewhere” for CDA MP Pieter Omzigt. He is known as a persistent critic of the cabinet, including in the benefits affair. Koolmees has “understanding” that party leaders want a debate first.

De Koolmees and Tamara van Ark say they have received several letters about this. It was also discussed in discussions with group chairmen. Koolmees and Van Ark will continue with the preparations for the formation.

Earlier, a broad majority of the House had indicated that they would like to discuss the course of events with the two former scouts. Chamber president Khadija Arib also insisted on “as complete a report as possible” by Jorritsma and Ollongren. The two former scouts indicated on Friday that they “naturally” want to give an explanation to the Lower House.

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