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Jussi Jokinen explains why he understands the spectator assignments – the Finnish Championship League

The flies recycle players more than other SM league teams. Jussi Jokinen, who has played almost a thousand NHL games, has also gotten used to it.

After hockey After the turn of the year, the SM League announced the regular season match program, rubbing many eyes in disbelief. In February – March, matches are played at an unprecedented pace, challenging players to the extreme.

The experienced equipment of the Flies has also experienced the match. Veteran players in particular Jussi Jokinen and Jari Sailio have sat for several matches on the home side.

– That’s how it is that a top athlete wants to play. In fact, I am used to such a rhythm game in the NHL, and I have remained terveenäkin throughout the season, Jokinen started.

The situation is challenging from the player’s point of view: the decisive weeks of the regular season and the desire to play are in everyone’s hands. No one, especially a man from nearly a thousand NHL matches like Jokinen, wants to sit healthy outside the lineup.

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In the second however, the advantage of the team weighs in the horizontal cup, as in an extreme playoff play it is impossible to afford to squirm.

– We have 15-16 attackers in use, so the situation is good in that respect. The coaching has accurately justified the need for recycling, so the players will understand it, Jokinen continued.

It was the freshness brought by player recycling that decided on Kärpi to win against Sport on Tuesday. Jokinen, 37, was as enthusiastic as a helium ball when he reached the trough. The striker played perhaps his best game of the season and produced gray hair all night for the Vaasa defense.

Jokinen scored a great 2–0 goal and also hit the game with his package to hit an empty goal. Additional hits were also catching up, as Jokinen also competed in the top line in the opening round.

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With reason praise also came from the plaintiff, for like Jokinen he did a lot Tino Metsävainio were the most prominent players in the bowl.

– It’s great that these rotating players got the result of their attempt. It will definitely bring more self-confidence for the future, responsible coach Mikko Manner said.

At the same time, the mainland shared praise and understanding with the players, with whom there has been a constant discussion about the basics of recycling.

– The culture and values ​​of the team require that all matters be dealt with openly. That is what must be done now and that is the spirit of the game. At the same time, we also prevent potential injuries that can come tired, Manner admitted.

Jussi Jokinen returned to Kärppi in January 2019.­

After a creepy January, the Flies have won 15 of their last 18 games. The Oulu team, still suffering from goal scoring difficulties, has found the elements of hockey that wins piece by piece. A direct playoff spot, even a home advantage, is strongly at your fingertips.

– There is a lot of pressure in Oulu to succeed, it has not changed anywhere. We have done the little things a little better now and found more ways to win games, Jokinen explains.

Flies, and at the same time Jokinen, the game now looks much more relaxed and cohesive than, for example, a month ago.

– Hand in hand with the team goes with your own performance. Now it feels really good, Jokinen laughed.

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