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Josep Borrell on his visit to Moscow: “Humiliated? No. I was attacked by the Russians”

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                While the European Union is struggling to impose its voice in the world, the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell grants an exclusive interview to France 24. Could the virus also be dangerous for multilateralism, so dear to the EU ?  The former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and former President of the European Parliament comes back with us on the international issues which mobilize the European Union.

                                    <p>The head of European diplomacy looks back on his visit to Moscow in February: "We invite someone and we take advantage of his visit to announce the expulsion of diplomats. That is an aggression. It is something that we are doing. does not do diplomacy. "  A diplomatic misstep which means that relations between Russia and the EU are "at a standstill", explains Josep Borrell.

As for the cancellation of his trip to Chile, this shows, according to him, that “we cannot yet contain the pandemic”. “I cannot go to Chile, which has vaccinated 40% of its population, and which is yet facing a new wave of contamination.”

Josep Borrell also defends the European Union, accused of blocking vaccine exports: “We gave our citizens 80 million doses and we exported 77 million. How many exported to the United States? Zero. How many has exported to the UK? Zero. (…) Who do we blame? “.

Regarding the coup d’état in Burma and the repression which followed, the head of European diplomacy denounces “a shame for humanity”. “It is a massacre of citizens by his army.”

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The European Union is also trying to renew dialogue with Turkey: “We have decided to reach out to Turkey, to build a bridge over the Bosphorus. (…) So don’t talk to me about sanctions, on the contrary we are considering a positive approach. And if the positive approach doesn’t work, we’ll see what to do. ” According to Josep Borrell, the EU cannot go back for the moment on the migration pact signed with Turkey in 2016: “Do you think that Europeans are ready to receive 4 million Syrian refugees on their territory? Because If they are ready, let’s go! But obviously they are not ready. (…) If they stay in Turkey, Turkey must be helped to face the economic and social cost that this represents. ”

Program prepared by Isabelle Romero, Céline Schmitt, Mathilde Bénézet and Perrine Desplats.


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