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Jorge M. Reverte, prolific journalist and narrator of the Civil War, dies


Reporter, novelist and researcher, he was the creator of the character Julio Glvez

Jorge M. Reverte.EFE
Jorge Martnez Reverte, died this Wednesday in Madrid at the age of 72, he was prolific both in his journalistic work, where he worked in the written press, radio and television, as well as in his job as a writer, with numerous novels and history books, especially on the Civil War.

Son of the journalist Jess Martnez Tessier, Jorge M. Reverte, as he signed his works, has died only five months after his brother, also a writer and journalist. Javier Martnez Reverte, that he signed with his second surname.

Jorge M. Reverte was also the creator of the character Julio Glvez, fiction journalist who starred in a series of several of his novels, some of which were made into a movie. And author of many books on the Civil War, such as “The battle of the Ebro”, “The battle of Madrid”, “The fall of Catalonia” The “The art of killing “, which were bestsellers, plus a dozen novels.

Graduated in Journalism from the Official School in 1972, he was director, editor and owner of “Open Area “ (1973-78) and worked on publications such as “Story 16” Y “Change 16” (1974-75); “Citizen” Y “Citizen dossier“(1975-76), and”The cage“(1977). In addition, he worked in”El Pas” Y “En teora “. He also wrote in the magazines “Notebooks for the Dialogue”, “The Old Mole”, “Joiner” The “The street”.

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From the written press, Martnez Reverte went to radio and television. It was director of Onda Madrid and of the Madrid Radio Televisin Corporation from December 1984 to February 1988. Shortly before, in December 1987, he was appointed deputy director of the non-daily News of Televisin Espaola (TVE), where he replaced Ramn Colom, at the same time who personally directed the weekly space “Weekly report“.

Within its area in TVE programs such as “The afternoon “,” Documentos TV” The “On the front pageIn August 1988, he resigned to the director of the news services, Julio de Benito, since, according to him, he did not enjoy the confidence of the general director, Pilar Miro, as demonstrated by the fact that he had not participated in the process. reform of the news area.

In 1989 he directed the episodes of the series “Crnica Amarga”, graduates “The death of Santi”, related to the world of drugs, and “The case of the missing woman”, about the hammering of a woman. Both participated in October 1989 to the cycle “Time of History”, within Valladolid International Film Week.

As a writer, he was the creator of the character Julio Glvez, a fictional journalist who starred in the novels “Too much for Glvez “, set in 1973 and published in 1979, and “Glvez in Euskadi “ (1983), both taken to the cinema “without much success”, according to the same one recognized. Reverte recovered the character later in other novels.

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He is also the author of the book of short stories “The last coffee”, “The messenger” (1982) and “Terrorists“. He also served as producer together with Mario Onainda. In 1992 the series”Bad arts“, produced by him and broadcast on Canal Sur de Televisin, received one of the Andalusian Journalism Awards. In 2006 I received the Terenci Moix International Award for the best history book for “La cada de Catalua” and in 2009 the Ortega y Gasset Journalism Award.

In recent years he published “Warriors and traitors “,” The slaughter of Atocha “ e “Intilmente guapo “, about a stroke that he suffered and that did not prevent him from continuing to research and write. In 2018 he published, “A happy childhood in a fierce Spain”, an emotional journey through a childhood marked by the Civil War and its aftermath.

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