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John Numbi and 80 other officers without assignments ordered to go to Kinshasa

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                General John Numbi, former army inspector as well as 80 other military officers without assignments and currently living in the Katanga region are called to join Kinshasa.  This return to Kinshasa is for an indefinite period.  For now, an investigation is launched against General John Numbi, former boss of the police in the case of the assassination of human rights defender Floribert Tshebeya.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Lubumbashi,</em> <strong>Denise Maheho</strong>

The first document signed by the military includes permission to travel on behalf of General John Numbi to travel from Lumbumbachi to Kinshasa.

According to the acting Minister of Justice quoted by AFP, an investigation has been opened since he is suspected of being involved in the assassination of Floribert Tshebeya. But now, according to security sources contacted by RFI, General John Numbi is on the run abroad.

John Numbi considered a deserter if he does not go to Kinshasa

The second army document, also with General Numbi’s name at the top of the list, states that he is expected in the capital with 80 officers currently unassigned.

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In this context, if General John Numbi did not go to Kinshasa for his summons, he could be considered a deserter. This is what is written in the code of military justice in article 44.

In the meantime, a delegation of ten military officers led by General Paul Ilunga has been staying in the Katanga region since Tuesday for, they say, a security mission.

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