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Home Sport Johanna Ojala leaves Vinterstudion | SVT Sport
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Johanna Ojala leaves Vinterstudion | SVT Sport

Johanna Ojala has since she first entered the Winter Studio 2013 had an obvious place in the broadcasts. With precise analyzes, she has guided the viewers through both World Cup competitions and championships.

In 2016, she was also praised for her efforts when she was the first woman to be awarded the TV prize Kristallen as the sports profile of the year.

– To be able to win it meant an incredible amount because it was the people who had cast their votes. The winter studio is engaging, to have been a part of creating that weekend buddy for the people who then show their appreciation back is so heavenly nice, says Ojala.

A memory that is close to Ojala’s heart is the World Cup in Seefeld two years ago. That championship, the whole team could be in place and follow everything from the first floor.

– There were so many medals and everyone shone to catch up with the sun and it was great to get a part of it. Collaborate with other experts, but above all with presenters and understand which team is putting together the entire broadcasts.

Next season, Johanna Ojala will work for the TV group NENT.

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