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Johann Zarco made MotoGP history – Motorcycling

Frenchman Johann Zarco whipped his Ducat to top speed on the Qatar track.

French track motorcyclist Johann Zarco made the history of the MotoGP class on Saturday.

Representing the Pramac Racing team, 30-year-old Zarco drove an all-time top speed record in the fourth practice of the Qatar GP when he reached a speed of 362.4 kilometers per hour in his Ducatilla.

The previous record was MotoGP website by Andrea Dovizioson on behalf of. Dovizioso drove 356.5 km / h in the Italian GP in 2019 in Ducatilla.

30 year old Zarco runs his fifth through in the MotoGP class. He won the World Championship title in the Moto2 class in 2015 and 2016. At that time, Zarco represented the Finnish Aki Ajon tallja Ajo Motorsportia.

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MotoGP season 2021 begins in Qatar on Sunday. In time, Zarco was only sixth. The fastest lap was driven by Zarco’s teammate Francesco Bagnaia, while a veteran star Valentino Rossi was fourth and proved to be fast even at the age of 42.

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