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Joe Biden faces his first political crisis



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A. Vahramian, B. Laigle, A. Monange, J. Poissonnier

France 2

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In the United States, the migration issue weakens Joe Biden, at the head of the country since last January. In a few weeks, tens of thousands of people tried to enter the territory through the border with Mexico.
On the outskirts of the city of Roma, Texas (United States), crossed by the Rio Grande River, migrants from Mexico try to change their lives every day. “If you go to the riverside, you will probably see them arrive at one point or another. Look at those kids’ clothes and stuff, all the way.”, explains Pastor Luis Silva. On the ground, plastic bracelets are also found. “It means that they have paid for their passage, and if they do not wear this bracelet, the Mexican smugglers do not pass them to the United States”, he continues.

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Drug cartels, which act as smugglers for migrants, divide the areas along the shore. Several boats will thus cross the river. Passage costs $ 600 per person. “Yes, Joe Biden said he was going to help migrants a lot”, explains one of them. “And that’s good because we don’t have enough to live in our country”, continues another. Since the election of the new American president, border guards have had new instructions: not to expel or send back to their countries families arriving with young children. The United States also does not return children who arrive alone. A policy considered too lax by the opposition, from which Joe Biden tries to defend himself.

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