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Joe Biden appoints first judges with emphasis on diversity

The American president in particular chose three African-American women. These will have to be confirmed by the Senate.
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Another break with Donald Trump. US President Joe Biden announced his first federal judicial appointments on Tuesday, March 30, emphasizing diversity. Of the 11 appointments of the US president, there are three African-American women for appellate court positions.

These nominations represent “the wide diversity of origins, experiences and perspectives which is the strength of our country”Joe Biden said in a statement. According to the US Constitution, the President appoints Supreme Court justices and federal judges for life in appellate or trial courts. It is then up to the Senate to confirm them.

African-American judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, 50, is appointed to the Washington Court of Appeals, a body known for the importance of the cases examined there. His name is regularly cited for the Supreme Court. If she joined her in the years to come, she would become the first black woman to sit on it.

During his mandate, Donald Trump was particularly active on this issue which has galvanized conservative voters for decades. Working closely with Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, he has appointed over 200 conservative-minded judges to federal courts.

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