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Jessica Alba left Hollywood at the peak of her career – now reveals why she abruptly withdrew from the limelight – Entertainment

Jessica Alba decided to focus on her well-being and her family instead of her Hollywood career.

American actor Jessica Alba has rarely been seen on TV or in movies in recent years. The 39-year-old actor says Romper magazine in the interview, she doesn’t miss the limelight, but rather focuses on motherhood and running her own business.

The actress tells Romper magazine her outlook on life changed when her daughter Honor was born in 2008. Alba says she was a lot sick as a child and began to seriously consider the importance of well-being after becoming a mother.

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Alba began her career in Hollywood as a child star.­

– I wanted to spend as much time as possible with the little person I brought into this world. Health is most important. I wanted the child to be healthy. It’s hard to be happy if you’re not healthy, Alba ponders in an interview with Romper.

– It motivates me. The fact that I could get a job anymore no longer motivated me. I was downright at the top of my career, he notes.

Alba popped into the public eye originally as a teen star. He became familiar to the general public with what was presented in the early 2000s Dark Angel series, which also made the young actor a sex symbol.

Max Guevara’s role in the Dark Angel series was Jessica Alba’s breakthrough in Hollywood.­

Dark Angel was followed by roles in major Hollywood productions. Then Alba got enough and withdrew from the limelight.

Jessica Alba filmed in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. She has portrayed Nancy Callahan in the Sin City films.­

Alba says Hollywood felt superficial about him after the birth of the child.

– I could no longer go back and be genuine, Alba describes.

– I could no longer care about my career in the same way as before. I wanted to use publicity to do something meaningful and change things.

Alba has been married to a film producer since 2008 Cash Warrenin with. The couple met Fantastic 4 in the filming of the film in 2005. The couple has three children.

Jessica Alba has been voted numerous times in various magazines as the most beautiful woman in the world. Alba has said in an interview that he has encountered prejudice and objectification in his career because of his appearance.­

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