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Jenn’s student apartment has a lavish 10 sqm balcony: there is one factor behind a successful style – Housing

Finns present their beautifully decorated glazed balconies.

Finally spring!

For many, the balcony has become the second living room of the home, decorated as enthusiastically as the rest of the home. The luckiest ones are those with a glazed balcony at home. It will be well specified there at this time of year.

We asked skilled Finnish interior designers how they have decorated their glazed balconies.

Neutral shades guarantee the atmosphere

Jenni Tuominen considers neutral shades to be the secret of her successful balcony style.­

Jenni Tuominen decorates the student dormitory in Jyväskylä. The balcony is large, ten square feet, so it serves as the second living room of the home.

The color scheme of the balcony is down to earth. There’s a lot of beige and white.

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– I believe that neutral tones are behind the successful whole, the woman says.

During the summer, Tuominen brings out palm-like artificial plants that create a relaxed atmosphere. They stay beautiful in any weather.

Tuominen is especially pleased with the corner armchair on the balcony, where you can study, work or read a book.

– We live in the harbor, so in summer it is also wonderful to just watch the lake scenery and admire the sunset, says jjennijanina’s Instagram account sustaining Importing.

Lion yellow color as a stimulant

Kirsi Tuomela decorates the balcony of his apartment in Jyväskylä in the same style as any other home: vintage-inspired and a small twinkle in the corner of his eye. Decorating is important to Kirs, but not serious.

– With the exception of the terrace mat, the Mandala fabric on the wall and the plants, all the furniture and items on the balcony are found in the recycling center. I’m part of the furniture tuunannut itself, taaoistankoti Instagram account maintains Tuomela says.

In summer, Tuomela brings some indoor plants, such as cacti, to the balcony.

– I’m also fond of various plants in July, which I bring to the balcony this summer. My plans are to try sweet potatoes as a vine on the balcony. I’m not very interested in flowering plants, just greenery is enough, Tuomela says.

Kirsi Tuomela decorates her balcony in vintage style. The lion-yellow chair is an eye-catcher.­

The color scheme of the balcony is black and white. The spice used is Tuomela’s favorite lion yellow and light wood tones.

– I upholstered the old mattress trademarked Heteka lion with yellow vintage velvet. Heteka is also my favorite piece of furniture on the balcony. It is nice to lie down and read.

Tuomela changes the interior of the balcony twice a year. The woman says she decorates the outdoor space like any other place in the home.

– The living room has a direct view from the balcony, so it is important what it looks like there.

The sofa crowns the space

Living in Turku They decorate your balcony with earthy colors. Neutral shades and natural materials are suitable for a space where the sun roasts in summer.

The most important detail on the balcony is the sofa, where Essi enjoys his morning coffee and sometimes takes a nap.

– The balcony overlooks the Aura River and the Cathedral interiorbyessiv Instagram account the caring woman says with delight.

Essi prefers natural materials and neutral colors on the balcony. The sofa is the main piece of furniture in the space.­

In summer, Essi brings hay and lavender, for example, to the balcony, which can withstand toast.

– The balcony is so hot that summer flowers don’t thrive here, Essi says.

Discoveries over a hundred years ago

Living in Vantaa Ninan the interior and color scheme of the glazed balcony is a continuation of the other interior of the apartment. Nina favors earthy colors, soft materials and a combination of new and old.

– The balcony has mainly old, old items with a story and emotional value, such as a time-patinated table on which to place a coffee cup or a wooden, over-100-year-old cupboard on which to sit and watch the sunrise, wellbeing_with_nina-Instagram-tiliä the maintenance woman says.

Nina likes to combine the old and the new.­

The balcony also has several candle lanterns of different sizes, large pillows for lounging and an old potato box.

When summer comes, Nina also lays blooming flowers on her balcony. They are suitably white in style.

– I drink morning coffee on my balcony from early spring to late autumn. The balcony also serves as a kitchen garden where I grow mint, basil and lemon balm.

Light curtains even in summer

– Our previous apartment had a backyard where we spent a lot of time. It was definitely our favorite place during the summer. When we moved into the apartment building, we wanted to make our balcony comfortable so that we would enjoy it there as well, says ikvalkoisia_unelmia Instagram account sustaining Kaisa.

Fire-protected light curtains act as eye-catchers for Kaisa’s balcony.­

This was successful when an apartment with a glazed balcony was found. It adds a more sense of space throughout the apartment.

– Due to the glazing, we can often keep the balcony door open. Cold does not come inside. We also have a heater so we can enjoy being on the balcony even in cold weather.

The balcony’s eye-catchers are fireproof light curtains, which bring a nice light and atmosphere to the space.

– The curtain lights were on the windows of the Christmas balcony, but I wanted more time for them. In spring and summer, they are located on the back wall where they cover the ugly wall.

Kaisa changes the color scheme of the balcony according to the season. Kaisa, who is recognized as a passionate flea market, prefers recycled goods in interior design. It mainly catches light-colored objects and textiles.

Kaisa still has one dream about the balcony.

– I also dreamed of hanging sheaves, which would own to relax.

Do you have a spectacular balcony? Send a picture and story: [email protected]

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