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Jean Castex’s announcements “go in the right direction”, according to epidemiologist Pascal Crepey, who calls on the French to “play the game”

The researcher recalls that it is “the interindividual contacts which are the place of contamination”.
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The measures announced by the Prime Minister to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, and in particular the confinement in 16 departments, “go in the right direction”, reacted Thursday, March 18 on franceinfo Pascal Crepey, teacher-researcher in epidemiology and biostatistics at the School of Advanced Studies of Public Health in Rennes.

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Pascal Crepey recalls that these are “inter-individual contacts which are the site of contamination”. He calls for “everyone plays the game”. “For those who can telecommute, let them work. When you go outside your home, whether it is really to get some fresh air or to play sports, and not necessarily to go to some people. other.” According to the epidemiologist, “this is how we will reduce contacts, contamination and how we will curl the curves”.

“The French, and especially those who are concerned, must keep in mind that the objective is not to lock them up at home, but that they reduce their contact with their peers. It is the individual contacts that are the key. place of contamination. “

Pascal Crepey

to franceinfo

Pascal Crepey also believes that the resumption of vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine “is good news”. He is delighted that “the data have made it possible to remove the doubt on this possible link between these serious side effects and the vaccines”. The researcher insists that the vaccine is “our way out of this crisis, the more French people are immune to the disease, the faster we can return to a much more normal situation”.

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