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Home Sport Janne Andersson: "We are absolutely not satisfied"
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Janne Andersson: “We are absolutely not satisfied”

Viktor Claesson became the winner when Sweden won against Georgia 1-0 in the first World Cup qualifier. He was played by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who made a comeback after almost five years.

Apart from the goal and three points, there were not many positive moments during the match.

“Sometimes it does not work”

Federation captain Janne Andersson was not at all satisfied.

– We are not clear enough. If we talk attacking games, we are very stagnant, which means that they can defend forward and then they get paid for their aggressiveness. It was far too bad movement in our own game. Overall, we make a match that we are absolutely not happy with. But football is such that sometimes it does not work, and it was such a day, says Janne Andersson at the press conference.

– Based on that, I am very happy with three points. Today was a day when it was not good enough in terms of performance.

“We have to do a lot of things better”

In the autumn, Sweden played in the Nations League and was then only pitted against highly ranked European national teams. Therefore, tonight’s opposition was unusual – which made it for Sweden.

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– Obviously it was so. We are in our positions and not able to run the game well enough. Today we did not have the quality, technology and pressure to do it as well as I had hoped. We have to do a lot of things better and I hope we can do that already on Sunday.

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