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Jaajo Linnonmaa gets annoyed at Sointu Diil – criticizes the competitor’s management style outright – TV & movies

There are several different management styles in the Diili program. This time, competitor Sointu will hear a direct assessment of Jaajo from his management style.

29.3. 16:38

In the popular DealIn the program, competitors have heard direct feedback from their co-competitors as well as from the management team. In the Monday night section Jaajo Linnonmaa does not spare his words in judging Sointu Borgin leadership style.

Chord Borg, 28, has excelled as a competitor and has often been on the winning team as well as being able to enjoy award pampering with the team. In the sixth challenge of the season, he finally wants to take the reins of the project manager. He gets washed after convincing his teammates To Ariel, Inkalle and Martinille, is not going to roll as a leader. However, according to other competitors, the promise will not be fulfilled.

The task is to design and market a yard game for children. After a fun day, both teams are happy with their contribution.

Jaajo Linnonmaa wants to hear how Sointu has managed as a leader.

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– It was colorful in our creation process. There were good moments and moments when we got stuck, Sointu says.

When planning the task, the chord has decided that the group will create a whole new game from scratch. Ariel and Martin have proposed modernizing the old classic game.

– Chord had a strong belief in this product. We wondered if Plan B should be considered. The chord was that now this is done, and then we did it, Ariel describes the marching order of the day.

The chord defends itself by saying that if necessary, he also listens to others, as long as he first shakes him a little. So Ariel should have just tried harder to get her message through:

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– Ariel has a lot of good ideas, but the fact that they come out is the only thing in it, Sointu says.

Finally, Jaajo Linnomaa gives a harsh criticism of rolling.

– It is not the best side of Chord in the leader that you are supposed to take something forward with determination, but you are constantly rolling everyone’s ideas. The truth was that when you have decided what to do, because it will go, Linnonmaa will click.

Jaajo Linnonmaa has not spared his words in the Diili program.­

Known for his outspokenness, Sointu has previously commented on his use in the program. Chord recently was asked on Instagram if anyone was hurt by his straightforwardness.

– In the deal, some competitors may have been injured. Every competitor has their own truth and everyone is entitled to their own truth. My opinions are subjective, this is good to remember, Borg replied in the Stories section of his Instagram.

In his writing, Borg emphasized that he wanted to be completely honest and himself in the program. He reminded his followers that this was a competition and he behaved accordingly.

– I wanted to be 100% direct, because through this the viewer also understands my flow of thoughts better. Who wants to watch a program where no one would speak directly? At least not me, he wrote with a smile of laughter.

– I didn’t go to the scene to humble myself either, but to compete properly. Of course, the viewer may be blurred by the fact that in everyday life I don’t throw such analyzes of people’s ways of working there, he emphasized.

Deal on Mondays at 9 pm at Nelonen and Ruudu.

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