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Ivo: The doctor who helped an ALS patient should lose his ID

In July 2020, the doctor Staffan Bergström reported himself to the police. He had then helped a severely ALS-sick man to take his own life at home. And he wanted the police to investigate whether he had committed any crime.

For seven months he lived with the criminal suspicion of “aiding and abetting murder”. The prosecutor then closed the preliminary investigation.

“Obviously inappropriate”

Now Ivo’s decision has come and he should lose his credentials on the grounds that he is “obviously unsuitable as a doctor”, Ivo writes in the decision according to Dagens Nyheter.

The supervisory body justifies the decision by saying that Staffan Bergström’s treatment with several drugs aimed at the patient dying and considers that this is neither compatible with legislation nor “science and proven experience”, according to Dagens Nyheter.

Staffan Bergström comments on the decision for DN:

– I thought they would settle for a warning, which is a weaker form of reprimand. I think it is striking that they do not take into account the patient perspective, he tells the newspaper.

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Staffan Bergström lives on Gotland and has worked as a doctor on Gotland. He is now retired and is now chairman of the association The right to a dignified death and has long argued for the right to euthanasia.

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Gotland doctor Staffan Bergström helped a man with severe ALS to take his own life. In the video, you can see him talk about the feelings after the closed preliminary examination and about the reactions he received from relatives and doctors. Photo: SVT

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