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“I’ve been in my relations with it, which has never had a pain in my head,” 42-year-old woman says – this feels like, when desires are dispelled – Sex & Relationship

For some, constant desire energizes, for others it strains.

The 42-year-old woman describes experiencing “outright lust” for sex since she was a teenager.

– My thoughts are sexual, and my pictures on Facebook, for example, are very sexual. I satisfy myself almost every day, the woman says in our story.

In the story, we told about a survey by Ilta-Sanomat, according to which 43 percent of the respondents want “almost all the time”.

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– The more sex I get, the more my mind starts to do it. I thought this would smooth out with age, but on the contrary, I have only become more experimental. I have been in my relations with it, which has never been a “pain in my head,” 42-year-old woman says.

“Wonderful. My girlfriend is similar, so we can start having sex almost anywhere if it feels like it. ” – Man, 35­

“It hurts it”

For some, desire is always a wonderful thing. Others can be stressed if sex revolves in the mind all the time.

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– Almost 18 years have already passed in this relationship, so that there is sex practically every day. The days that have been missed, the other has been really sick or gone. Sex is often used more than once a day. And still make others mind! For every good-looking, real-sex opponent, the imagination starts to flare up, as does if you see someone sexy in movies or series, says one reader.

– It hurts life when there is sex in the mind all the time and the mind does it. For example, it is really difficult to focus on work.

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The partner has sometimes said that even less sex would be enough.

– It is wonderful to give and receive, to produce and to receive pleasure. And when you master the tricks, even the reluctant spouse suddenly makes you want to.

Sex can be started with, for example, a foot or shoulder massage.

– Oddly enough, the other one always lights up in the end!

The reader gives others one tip for arousing desires: sex is more than just a bed of trees.

– When you show appreciation and respect in everyday life, and see the effort to arouse and satisfy another, you will not be left without.

While reading a book in bed, you are forced to roll over to your partner when the thought takes over. Has never bothered anyone.

In the IS survey, respondents also said:

Energizing and annoying

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on anything else if the desires are very on the surface. Fortunately, masturbating helps the worst, but it would be best if you had the partner with whom you want to control your desires. ” – Woman, 36

Nice! Sexual energy can be used creatively. You can do art or even homework. And the released sexual energy is somehow transmitted outward. Even if it’s not a miss, I turn my head as I pass by. ” – Woman, 39

It is annoying. The crotch seam of the pants rubs, and there are such nice sensations that you have to go to the bathroom. Generally, I close that half off for the duration of the working day. It is also disgusting to be coveted by a gatherer and your partner has a dry season. ” – Woman, 34

Subject is in the mind almost all the time, but does not hurt, although the other does not always get excited. When things are kept “pending,” it’s easy to throw yourself into sex. A little hint and a lot of touch and consideration for the other. ” – Man, 57

It bothers interaction with the opposite sex. The first thought when you first meet is what kind of sex is with him. Quite often it will be over soon. ” – Man, 72

Pretty good really. If that feeling is too intense and no sex is available, you just have to masturbate. There is no need to make it unnecessarily big. ” – Man, 23

Even at dinner would make the mind feel better. Sometimes it is distressing when there is a downtime in the middle of a meeting. I try to avoid underdeveloped pictures and flirting. ” – Man, 51

In progress The working day can be struck by a terrible blasphemy and no concentration is meant to become anything. Or while reading a book in bed, you are forced to roll over to your partner when the thought takes over. It has never bothered anyone, and good as long as the desires meet. ” – Woman, 32

I’m thinking lots of sex. I also stimulate my desire by looking at sex image blogs for inspiration. Being willing is somehow energizing. ” – Man, 39

Annoying, once a week is enough for your spouse. He has even wondered what I should come up with so that I would be happy too. ” – Man, 44

Even the smallest a sexual thing, such as a message from a partner, feels at the lower end, but only in a good way. I get really excited, even without a physical connection, so calls and messages get excited. ” – Woman, 39

Nice! Fortunately, the man is of the same variety. We have sex 4-6 times a week, which I think is wonderful when you take into account that I am over 40 years old, and my husband is approaching six tens. ” – Woman, 43

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