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Ivan Zarco ran his country’s record and Olympic venue – an outrageous truth emerged after a couple of days – Athletics

Honduran Ivan Zarco ran a hard time in a marathon in Dresden, Germany. The Spanish newspaper soon noticed that there was something rotten in the performance.

German A marathon for elite runners was held in Dresden on Sunday. The event was held in the midst of a corona pandemic as many runners wanted to try to fall below the Tokyo Olympics result limit on 2.11.30.

One of those who registered was a Honduran Ivan Zarco. He participated in the Half Marathon World Championships last October and ran in Gdynia, Poland on April 1, 2008. So the hope of falling below the Olympic limit was not impossible.

In Dresden, Zarco finished seventh with the clock showing 2.17.46. The result fell well short of the official Olympic limit, but it knew Zarco had an Olympic trip. Honduras is allowed to send two athletes to the Olympics with a wild card, and Zarco earned second place with his performance. In addition, time was a new Honduran record.

Zarco has represented Honduras since the beginning of 2020. Prior to that, the 37-year-old runner represented Spain, where he grew up and lived.

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The Honduran Athletics Federation congratulated Zarco on the new country record after the race. A couple of days later a Spaniard Corredor magazine revealedthat in Dresden did not run Zarco, but the Spaniard Camilo Santiago.

The issue has also been discussed on social media.

The magazine had gone through video recordings and photographs taken of the run. Based on the reports, the magazine was sure that 450 was not run by Zarco, but by Santiago from Murcia, whose record for the marathon is 2.09.56.

Magazine had contacted an acquaintance in Santiago who told me about the background to the case.

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– Camilo told me he had traveled to Dresden to help Zarco keep up.

During the warm-up, the Spaniard noticed that his number tag and the chip needed for timekeeping were missing. According to a friend of Santiago, the runner had gone to tell the race organizers about it. These had advised to use Zarco’s number because the Honduran had not retrieved his own number.

According to the explanation, the organizers had promised to change the name of the right person on the result lists, but that had not been done. So it would have been a mistake.

Asian what makes it miraculous is that it took Santiago two days to tell about the mistake. After the revelation of Corredor magazine, Zarco’s Olympic trip is likely to remain a dream.

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