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It’s my weekend. Nature getaway for kids

Les Décliques agency offers outings in Paris inspired by the Scandinavian example of Forest school. The idea: to immerse the kids in nature while making them aware of the protection of the environment. (THE DECLICS)

“Where’s your backpack?” Parc Montsouris, 14th arrondissement of the capital. Auguste, 6 and a half, is very happy to offer Yvor a pine cone. This 27-year-old engineer is leading the getaway alongside Thibaut, 26, co-founder of the Les Décliques agency.

“We realized that children played less outside, and that they stayed more and more indoors on their screens, explains the latter. This is why we offer outdoor activities all year round to reconnect little townspeople to nature. They wake up and learn from the natural elements they find there. There are only benefits for them. “

The Parc Montsouris in Paris. & Nbsp;
The Parc Montsouris in Paris. (ALAIN CHICHE / EYEEM / GETTY IMAGES)

Yvor and Thibaut have planned a giant goose game to teach children the steps taken in waste reprocessing centers to produce energy. The game board is made on the grass with pieces of wood found around it. “I need 16 boxes, warns Yvor. Everyone must be able to jump in! Come on, let’s go, we’ll do it together! ” In each box, we discover a card to turn over where it is written: animal droppings, agricultural waste, peelings, crusher and digester.

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“What is the digester going to produce? Gas that we’re going to burn to produce electricity. And it doesn’t work if there is oxygen.” Hugo falls on the “burner” box. To mimic the gas being burned and fan the fire, he must “wave his arms up and down”. Then, we pinch the nose of our neighbor and we mimic the crushing of droppings by jumping on the ground, “luckily, there are no smells!”, We laugh in the audience.

This summer, the Les Décliques agency is also launching several courses: Explorers of biodiversity;  Adventurers of Ecology and Champions of Renewable Energies!
This summer, the Les Décliques agency is also launching several courses: Explorers of biodiversity; Adventurers of ecology and Champions of renewable energies! (THE DECLIQUES)

“We explore. We can play cat, dig holes or observe earthworms”, suggest the kids.

Then the children decide to play “viper hen fox”. “The vipers, you eat the hens that are over there! Uh no, the hens eat the vipers.” “When we run and play outside like that, we smells a lot of air, it feels good “, comments Hugo 9 years old. “Moi, I love nature because it’s alive, adds Honorine, 8 and a half years old.

Each child is invited to express their feelings, for example using a rainbow drawing. “It is the rainbow of inner resources, enlighten Yvor and Thibaut. Each one chooses his favorite color, to then tell us something about him, about his resources which he has inside him, and which gives him confidence every day. “

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Learn to trust yourself, adapt to the environment, strengthen your fine and gross motor skills, improve your immune system. The benefits of outdoor play are manifold.

By being in regular contact with nature from an early age, you get to know it, and suddenly, you will want to protect it all the more later.

Thibaut Pinsard

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