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It’s my house. One year after confinement, what are the buyers’ aspirations?

Teleworking allows you to change your living environment (illustration) (PHILIPPE TURPIN / MAXPPP)

Almost a year after the shock of the first confinement, what are the motivations and profiles of buyers looking for their main residence? This is the subject of a study conducted by Charlie Cailloux, legal advisor for the real estate site, reveals the results of this study.

franceinfo: what is the main lesson of this study?

Charlie Cailloux: We draw two lessons: on the one hand, for 52% of buyers looking for their main residence, the main motivation is to improve their living environment (to the same question in 2016, they were only a large third). There are other motivations, housing that is too small, the arrival of retirement, professional or family imperatives, but they come later.

So the buyers we interviewed want to change their main residence less by obligation than by choice, by wanting to improve the living environment. And this is particularly true for people who live in Paris, in the Hauts-de-Seine and in Seine-Saint-Denis.

And the second lesson?

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The second lesson is that faced with this majority desire to change the living environment, all buyer profiles are not equal. By analyzing the responses we received, we were able to distinguish three profiles of buyers: retirees or pre-retirees (those we sometimes call boomers), teleworkers and workers who do not telework.

Boomers are the most mobile, because they are freed from family and professional constraints: nearly 50% of them look for a house more than 100 kilometers from their current home. Boomers are also the most creditworthy, since 4 in 5 will not need credit to buy their new home.

The second profile is people who telecommute, an activity that took off a year ago?

Yes, teleworking has established itself over the past year as a new way of working. In our survey, 40% say they are permanently concerned by teleworking, and for a third of them, at least two days a week. They are mainly young couples of executives, whose lifestyle is urban. These teleworkers are looking for space and can move away to find a larger area. Only 10% want to move more than 100 kilometers from their current accommodation.

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The last acquirer profile concerns assets that do not telework?

Yes, teleworking is not suitable for all professions. For these buyers, we do not seek to move away but rather to get closer to their place of work: 75% are looking within a radius of 20 kilometers around their current home. They are also those with the least financial resources: 16% say they have no personal contribution, against 8% among teleworkers. So there are those who benefit from teleworking and who can broaden their horizons and others.

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