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Italy prepares a law with sanctions for health workers who do not get vaccinated


Italian Justice rules that health workers who refuse to be vaccinated can be suspended from employment and salary

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi at a press conference this Friday.EFE
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The Italian government is preparing a rule that will establish sanctions for health workers who do not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced today at a press conference.

“The Government wants to intervene on the issue because it is not going well at all that unvaccinated health operators are in contact with sick people “, said Draghi, who announced that the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, is preparing “a measure on the subject, on its form, and how the sanctions are explained.”

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The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, confirmed this idea. “We are evaluating a standard”, He said, although he wanted to highlight that the adherence of health personnel to vaccination is high.

“This rule is being studied, but we must recognize that the adherence of health personnel has been extraordinarily relevant. We will intervene in a quota that is very residual and this has to be recognized because all the health workers have done an extraordinary job “, defend.

“They have also set a very positive example. There is a minimum strip, that now we are trying to count them as well, “added Sperenza at the joint press conference with Draghi to present the new measures against the pandemic that the Government will apply after Easter.

Last Tuesday, the Italian Justice ruled that health workers who refuse to be vaccinated could be suspended from employmentand salary as the obligation to guarantee security prevails over freedom of choice over the vaccination provided for by the Italian Constitution.

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That same day, the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, also assured that at the moment the possibility of dismissing officials who refused to be vaccinated was not contemplated, but added that it was a scenario that could be studied if necessary.

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