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It marks us. “We want to change our old-fashioned image”: Xavier Danthine, Delacre

Vintage advertising poster for Delacre cakes and chocolates. (SWIM INK 2 LLC / CORBIS HISTORICAL / GETTY IMAGES)

Delacre was born with dual nationality when Charles Delacre, a French pharmacist from Dunkirk living in Brussels, decided to develop a chocolate business. At the time, chocolate was actually considered a therapeutic product, a fortifier that was sold in pharmacies.

Charles Delacre, entrepreneur at heart, develops this activity which he will combine with that of biscuit maker. In 1891, he created his first industrial biscuit: the Pasha and the Delacre company. The success is immediate, since it becomes official supplier of the Belgian crown.

During the second half of the 20th century, Delacre will change hands a lot: the brand will first be bought by the American Campbell, then by the British United Biscuit, then by a Turkish industrialist, before being finally acquired. by Italian Ferrero. A change of hand which is explained for Xavier Danthine, by the appetite of industrialists for this sector of activity. In France in particular, the market represents a turnover of 2 billion euros per year, which makes it the first at European level. Half of Delacre’s sales are made in France and 20% in Belgium.

“Russian Cigarettes”, “Délichoc”, “Marquisettes”, are some of the best-selling cookies, but the other particularity of Delacre are the famous metal tins of the “Tea Time” range.

Who does not have at home one of these boxes in which there is sewing or DIY material, we have all the memories of these boxes with our grandparents …

The director of the company Delacre recognizes that this historic box conveys a somewhat dated image. And it is for this reason, he announces, that the brand is launching a new cookie recipe, in order to appeal to the younger generations beyond the elderly.

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