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It is unclear how many high schools do with the teaching

Five municipalities have municipal upper secondary schools in the county: Västerås, Fagersta, Sala, Arboga and Köping.

The municipality of Köping has already decided that teaching at Ullvigymnasiet will continue to take place partly at a distance. You write on the municipality’s website that the grades will be divided to avoid congestion at the school.

– As the plan looks now, we will the week after the Easter break take in year 3 for studies in the school premises, while we have introductory students and some other groups and classes on site. This is communicated in relevant classes via mentor and directly to our students. Among other things, we see that we have the opportunity to continue with many of the practical vocational courses according to the regular structure, says Anna Ulfves, principal of Ullvigymnasiet.

Arboga is waiting with information

For Vasagymnasiet in Arboga, it has not yet been decided what the teaching will look like after 12 April. The municipality writes on the website that they are waiting to make a decision after a meeting on April 30 between municipalities and the Region. But until after Easter break week 15, the teaching continues as now. But it is also written that:

“The Children and Education Administration considers it very probable that Vasagymnasiet’s preliminary plan with on – site teaching and some distance education will be able to be implemented.”

Decisions will be made on Monday in Fagersta

Brinellskolan Fagersta has not yet decided how the teaching will be conducted after 1 April.

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– We have not made a decision, we have a meeting on Monday when we decide on the issue, says Brinellskolan’s principal Henrik Junno.

Now the teaching is carried out at the school with 30 percent students on site, one year at a time to be able to keep their distance.

– We are looking at a variant that we had before the stricter recommendations were introduced where we had about 60 percent of the students inside and alternated the grades, says Henrik Junno.

Message probably next week in Sala

In Sala, no decision has been made yet for the two upper secondary schools that exist: Kungsängsgymnasiet and Ösby naturbruksgymnasium.

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At Kungsängsgymnasiet, the principal wants the students to be notified during the next week, well in advance of the Easter break.

– We will not propose to the principal, which is Sala municipality, that we take in all students, I believe that the risk of the spread of infection would be too great, says Anna Wiklund, principal of Kungsängsgymnasiet.

The teaching there rolls as it is now with year 3 in place and year 1 and year 2 alternating to be in place every other week.

Decision for Västerås no earlier than Wednesday

No decision has been made regarding Västerås municipal upper secondary schools. It will take place no earlier than Wednesday next week.

– We will try to go out with a message next week. The head of Västerås city high school will meet the infection control doctor on Tuesday, and we will then have a reconciliation meeting on Wednesday, and then we will announce at the end of next week, says deputy principal Johanna Werme Bladh at Carlforska high school in Västerås.

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