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“It is not enough, but it is already a good measure to take” believes a union of school doctors

“It is not enough, for sure, but it is already a good measure to take” reacts on franceinfo the doctor Marianne Barré, general secretary of the union of school and university doctors SNMSU-UNSA, after the announcement of the Minister of Education, this Friday, March 26. “From next week, in the 19 departments which are now subject to increased restriction measures, we will close each class in the first case of contamination”, said Jean-Michel Blanquer.

franceinfo. How do you welcome this development?

Marianne Barré. It is not enough, for sure, but it is already a good step to take. Currently, we are really overwhelmed by the number of cases [de Covid-19] in schools. This measure will perhaps help us, because the last sanitary protocol in schools made class closures extremely complicated. There, that will allow us to close more classes. Because of this, it will definitely have an impact on viral circulation.

What do you mean by “overwhelmed”?

Our role as National Education doctors is to do contact tracing. This means that for each positive case reported in a school, student or staff, we look for all contact subjects. There, we no longer manage to deal with cases on a day-to-day basis. We are falling behind from one day to the next. This is absurd, because the purpose of contact tracing is above all to rule out high risk contacts. It no longer makes sense to carry out campaigns of saliva and rapid antigenic tests, if behind we can not do contact tracing. It must be done during the day.

Are you in favor of placing middle schools in half-gauge in reconfigured departments, as is already the case in high schools?

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Absolutely, but at the stage we have reached, it will not be enough. We are entering a school vacation period, we must ask ourselves the question again: shouldn’t schools be closed, for example four weeks and not two? However, I continue to say that this measure can only be effective if it is accompanied by a measure in the general population as well. Students and staff contaminate each other above all in the family and friendly environment.

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